Friday, November 25, 2011

You Got This!

I used to think of a year in terms of school. August through May was a year and the other three months, well, they were a bonus for surviving August through May.
However, since graduating and entering the work world, my mindset has begun to change. I look at this year as coming to a close as December arrives, and start thinking of where I was this time last year.
This time last year, I had started training with my personal trainer, Eva Shurts at her gym she had just opened up. I would travel with her to teach classes out of our area and think up new workouts that kicked some major butt. I also began training for the Oklahoma City Remembrance Half Marathon. I look back at all the things I was prepping myself for during this time and am quite proud of what I was able to accomplish because of my mindset. This year has been amazing for me as I was featured as Nike Women’s Spotlight in January 2011, PR-ed my ½ marathon time by 30 minutes, was featured in Oxygen’s August 2011 women’s magazine, became a certified Group Ride fitness instructor through Body Training Systems, and was honored as Complete Nutrition’s Success Story of the year by using their products and having such great success with them.
I like this blurp from Joyce Meyers, “We may look at other people and think they never have to go through anything difficult, but we all go through different things.  Some people have gone through devastating things that nobody knows anything about.  Some people have learned the art of suffering silently.  They know only God can help them, so they don’t bother telling everyone they meet what they are going through”.
This is so true for me.  When I’m working either at the gym or retail, I have people say to me “you don’t know what it’s like to be my size”.  Or my personal favorite, “your tiny, you don’t have trouble finding your sizes”.  CORRECTION… I DO! I once was 226 lbs.  But those who didn’t know the old Alison don’t know the old me.  They don’t know the surgeries I went through when I was younger.  They don’t know the several funerals of close friends and family members I’ve experienced at a young age.  People just look at me and assume, “she doesn’t understand”.
I’m here to tell you, I DO.  Maybe I haven’t experienced the exact pain you are currently going through, but I’ve had my own struggle. 

The biggest struggle I’ve had to overcome, MYSELF.  My mindset and your mindset will hold us back from so many things if we allow it to.  I continue to stretch my limits by doing things I once told myself I could never do. 
For you, it might be lacing up the shoes and going for a walk.  For another, it could be choosing to eat healthier.  It could be getting up earlier to get the workout, prayer, or devotion time in with God.  It could be setting aside the computer and text messages to just enjoy your family.  Whatever it maybe, YOU’RE THE ONE that has to choose to make the conscious effort.
When I look in the mirror, I’m able to see the scars I have from my surgies, but those are physical.  Don’t allow something like a scar from your past ruin your future.  God is in control, He knows what he is doing, you have to take a step out and trust Him.
BeBlessed and always remember -> You got this!
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Potential

How many of us really think about our potential with God in our lives?  I’ll be the first to admit, I try to live my life daily without him, only because it’s my human nature to think “I don’t need help, I can do this on my OWN”.  HOWEVER, when things don’t go MY way (MY PLAN), I’m mad and holler God’s way to help me fix what I tried to control.  Why?
Society tells us that life should be easy.  That we shouldn’t have to work at anything.  That it’s all about us and our happiness.  But what I realize is it isn’t all about ‘US’.  It’s about others. 
Through my weight loss, I’ve had the opportunity to share my experiences and even inspire others.  BUT, I wouldn’t have gotten where I am now, without my past of being severely obese and fighting through each workout to better myself.  No, working out isn’t easy! Eating right isn’t easy.  And yes, I’d love to go grab a frozen pizza and chow down, hit up Sonic or Dairy Queen, or go eat whatever I want at a huge buffet.  But, I also know what is important to me.  My health.  I have to exercise self-control. 
We need to realize that within us, we all have potential.  Potential to do something great and inspire someone else.  I will say it till I’m blue in the face-> encourage, encourage, encourage others.  Take a step outside of yourself and realize there are others out there that have just as much potential.  It just needs to be tapped into.  You might not be good at this one specific thing, but what about what you are good at?  That’s a gift from God!  Now just because it’s a gift, doesn’t mean there isn’t some refining that needs to go on.  TOUGH TIMES HAPPEN. 
And… Just like a piece coal, it had to go through much pressure and heat before it became a beautiful diamond.  Same goes for us!
To really develop ourselves in whatever it may be-> running, eating right, reading, homework, lifting, something specific at your job… it takes practice, pressure, and patience!
“But Jesus looked at them and said. With men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God.”  Matthew 19:26
For me this last week’s success is working on taking the focus off myself to really develop my full potential.
For you, take a step back.  Are you going through the motions because you’re afraid to push yourself?  I’m here to tell you about the POTENTIAL that is within you, BUT your POTENTIAL needs ACTION to be developed.  Figure out what and where your potential is.  Write out a plan to challenge yourself and get started!