Sunday, September 22, 2013

Transformation Takes Time

Last weekend my friend and I traveled to Kansas City to watch the Natural KC Classic & IFPA Pro International. It was an amazing experience in the sense that most people hear about a body building show and think of young dudes on steroids walking around half naked. However, that wasn't the case!

^200 plus competitors!

As these women and men hit the stage for a couple minutes that they had been preparing for for longer than a couple days or weeks was amazing to see. There were women at the age of 40 plus on stage with bodies better than a 20 year olds. Men on stage flexing muscles that they had been working day in and day out for numerous years! It was an inspiring weekend to see such true dedication to not only workouts, but diet. And that's what I find INSANE! These People set aside their desires for not just a moment on stage, but to also be judged on their hard work in the gym and kitchen. Could you do that? Could you say no to a scoop of peanut butter for 10 weeks if that would make you look just slightly better than your competition? Most likely, no! We would say yes and JUSTIFY EATING IT because we had a bad day at work, or our significant other upset us, or our children have been acting naughty! In the moment of stress we would give in and say "I DESERVE TO EAT THIS, give me the whole jar of peanut butter!" That's how we work!

^We are ALL body builders under reconstruction...

Typically we look at men and women who have a body of a Greek God/Goddess as if they were just BLESSED and they have no idea what it's like to be in our shoes who just need to lose 15-20 pounds. But that's far from the truth! These individuals work harder than you do. There warm up for a workout is what you do Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a total body workout. I've only seen a glimpse of this body building world, but I loved every moment of it. They are the true example of what it means to die to self. I thought about the term we here in church, we have to die to the flesh to truly live, simply put... Doesn't that mean step outside your comfort zone!? Yes! Stepping outside our comfort zone is so unbelievably uncomfortable, but absolutely rewarding! It challenges us beyond ourself control and requires to have faith and trust what God is doing. THAT'S WHY I LOVE THE BODY! The body will do what needs to be done, BUT IT'S YOUR MIND that holds you back. You head tells you to lay back down when you need to get out of bed. It's your head that tells you that you have have another scoop. It's your head that tells you that you don't have time! But it's your heart that want to take the leap of faith and I'm here to give you the kick in the behind! Take the leap of faith on whatever you've been allowing to hold you back. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and find the life that you've been waiting for. No, never EASY, but the key is the reward and blessing at the end!