Monday, May 28, 2012


Everyone has seen the posts on instagram, Facebook, and twitter that I'm embarking on a new journey... It's called personal training!  Some might say "figures", while others who knew me 10 years ago at 226lbs would think "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Alison Hager Is doing WHAT!?!?" MY PLAN vs GOD's PLAN: I graduated high school and went to a Christian liberal arts college to get a degree in education with the end results of wanting to be a missionary.  However, after doors closing and financially not being able to support myself I started teaching in my home town.  Lack of teaching positions available, I found a retail job.  I sought management and worked a couple hours at my gym, because I figured it'd be a good way to stay fit and earn some extra money.  A year later, I was ask to join staff as a full time personal trainer which i start tomorrow!  When this position was offered to me a couple weeks ago, I was ecstatic because I truly believe that God allowed all my challenges of illnesses, surgeries, family deaths, and closing doors to build character within me.  For the longest time I would say, "WHY ME" and my mom would say "God is preparing you for something, WAIT!"  And I have... I've gone through this process like the ugly duckling.  I was once the girl to be made fun of at school for being obese.  I was once the girl to gorge my feelings after school.  I was the girl to sit at home by myself because it was easier to do nothing.  But after chosing to do something for myself and say who cares what everyone else thinks or says... I lost 90lbs and gained MY LIFE!  It was the experience though it that built me!  I've learned that flakes come and go.  People will always have something to say.  But it's the consistency that gets results.  One cannot lose heart or focus. Workouts are more than sweating and losing weight.  Workouts are about gaining yourself.  About getting stronger mentally and emotionally.  About gaining a whole knew self respect for yourself and it takes discipline to do so.  I encourage you all no matter where you are in life... Remember: it's the struggle and challenge that makes the view at the mountain top breathless- embrace it! #BeBlessed A

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gym & Church Two places that are misinterpreted... Scenario 1:  I recently invited an individual to my spin class and she said, "YEAH RIGHT! Maybe when I'm 20lbs lighter!". Rolling my eyes at her I said, "we could move those 20lbs along fast if you came to spin".  She laughed and changed subjects. Scenario 2:  I was talking with an individual about life in general.  They said they felt like since they were young and single, they would live wild now and then start going to church and living by rules when they got married and had children. Both situations are puzzling to me because both individuals missed the boat on why these two places exist in the first place.  There is no way I'm saying I have my life all figured out and never make poor choices, but in my opinion, neither of these statements are what the gym or church are all about! I personally view the two places as buildings where self evaluation and work begin.  Let us be real... None of us are perfect... We all have our weaknesses, but we also have our strengths.   I go to the gym to work out my body.  More specifically, work on losing my dreadful stomach fat!  There is ALWAYS something I can be doing to improve myself.  At church, lessons learned and much reflection as well.  Am I too prideful? Am I giving enough? Am I loving others?  BUT THE BOTTOM LINE... I go there to IMPROVE myself.  The people at both places are there working on THEM!  So many times we judge ourselves before anyone else even does.  I say this because I relate! I once said "I'd NEVER go to a gym because the people there are so judgemental... But the funny thing is, I ONCE said that about attending a church and becoming a Christian. Now, I view both places with the most amount of people with the greatest potential! I have to challenge you in your thinking.  Your mind is what will ALWAYS hold you back if you allow it to.  If you won't go to the gym, get a trainer, open your bible attend church, pray, ASK FOR HELP... You Aren't going to get anywhere! My biggest lessons have come through my struggle and I finally ASKED for help.   Challenge: stop being so prideful and humble yourself.  Lessons to be learned when you finally open yourself up to LEARNING over HAVING ALL THE ANSWERS. KNOW: you are not perfect!  I'm all about progression over perfection! Let's get after this week! BeBlessed A

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eat to live NOT Live to Eat!..

Take a look at your hand, and take a look at someone else's hand. Take a look at each others lines and curves and imprints... No two peoples are the exact same... I was thinking about this the last two days when I made a trip with two other trainers to listen to Mark Slavin speak on biomechanics of Strength Training. All three of us set off on our little drive with the plan to grab something to eat when we reached our destination. However, (I'm that dorky girl who plans out every meal and snack because I'm trying to get ride of my belly fat) I packed my lunch and so forth... I stopped at Subway for the fellas after we had reached our destination.  I ate my broccoli, chicken, almonds and protein shakes and when we went out to eat... Plain chicken salad.  Then, today for lunch, the guys desired to eat CiCi's pizza. I didn't want to be rude, but I flat out said no, let's go to Subway so I can get a salad.  They were nice about it, but questioned my mentality. I heard, "you do need carbs you know..." and I agree. BUT my response was no carbs. Then the one guy wanted to go into there are carbs in this and that and I stopped him.  I said NO GRAINS right now.  Really, I don't care what he thought at that point in time because the old me would have not wanted to argue and just say "your right" and indulge in a sandwich. BUT THIS IS A LESSON LEARNED... stop listening to everyone else! I graduated with a degree in elementary education and special education. In special education... There are so many children with a variety of disorders.  Special educators create IEP's (individual education plan) to set the students up for success. Not every child or plan is the same.  We work with each student to reach the end goal, whatever that may be. And that is how I see training others and myself... I have alway stored extra belly fat because of my thyroid disorder.  I have to be more strategic with my diet. I cut out grains and stick to a very basic and bland diet because I know it works! Some say, "that's boring! Your not living life!". I'm going to correct you... If your living for the next best taste of food, we have a problem. You should "eat to live, NOT "live to eat".  I don't disagree and say, "never eat grains"! I say for now and the goal of finding "MY" six pack, I'm sticking to my diet and exercise plan my trainer has set up with me.  I can't lose focus on what I hear from this person or that person... I have to stay focused and eat clean.  I challenge you to look at your goals. Are you following through with the plan to get to your end result!? No, YOUR PLAN may not look like person A, B, or C... BUT your also don't look like person A, B, or C. So stop looking around and achieve your own greatness!  BeBlessed