Saturday, January 3, 2015

All Them Fitness Posts!

One thing I never would have conceived is one of my fitness post offending someone. I won't go into detail, but I offended a friend of mine a while ago from something I posted about fitness and
nutrition. My response to the individual was to block and delete. Felt I didn't need the negativity. I've been mocked for my posts and personally I felt offended by the persons response to me. But I hadn't really looked at the individuals side of things. I just felt I was trying to be someone positive and didn't need the negativity. But I truly didn't know the struggle the person was going through at that time.

The following is my last response to the individual that I feel my other readers maybe need to hear and see to truly understand my heart. The 'WHY' behind my ANNOYING gym posts, check-ins, and selfies.

I used to be the fat kid who made jokes about themselves to hid my pain. But one day I had a realization that God isn't pleased with me making fun of myself. I used to eat boxes and boxes of Mac and cheese, cereal, and junk and would make fun of myself in front of my friends and family because I would rather be the one making fun of myself instead of others saying hurtful words about my size. Inside though, I was hurting. I was hurting because I had a real food addiction and it was easier to joke about it. In my opinion, it gave others less of an opportunity to call me fat. That's why I say a food addiction is worse than being an alcoholic. You can get rid of alcohol, but one still has to eat. One has to learn to monitor their food and have self discipline. There's a reason I don't like getting together for events with food. 5 years later I still am tempted. So I chose not to go to things where I know people are doing food activities. I've learned to love myself and my body. Perfect, NO. But I look at each of my days as a way to be a better me. That's why I have Facebook and IG... To show people that I don't have an excuse or reason not to be a better person mind, body, and soul. It's daily a battle. A struggle. I feel people have no idea the mental battle a person can have every single day with food. And that's why my faith is important to me. I know who I am in Christ, but I know I can't meet my goals of being a healthier me without Him. It's a daily, hourly, minute to minute battle. The devil wants to tell you and I, we're not worth anything, we can't do it, that we will always be the same. So whatever program or diet your using advocare, Herbalife, body by vi... I've heard of them all. More so, it's a spiritual battle more than anything. Not one that can be done alone. One must have a support system and people who desire to see you be a better you. Our mind holds us back when we believe the lies the Devil speaks to us.

Many people think a persons fitness post is to 'BRAG' and tell people about what all they're are doing so people will adore all they do. But another concept to understand is a persons post could be their motivation. There's MANY people who create a facebook or instagram account dedicated just to their fitness goals. That's why I have mine! For other crazy fitness people to see my journey, so I can cheer them on and watch others transform. Who knows, your journey may encourage another to get moving and eating healthy. Your post of encouragement could make someone's day. Make the choice to be an encouragement.