Sunday, October 25, 2015

Uncomfortable Growth

As I look back on my journey thus far, I can pin point two things that have been the hardest tasks.
1. Walking into as gym and asking someone for help who knows more about health and fitness that I did.
Scenario 1: Back in my junior year of college I was weighing in around 230 pounds. Truly my heaviest & I needed help.
2. Walking into church in a new city and needing to find a church to call my 'new home'.
Scenario 2: Growing up with parents who drug you to church every Sunday your entire childhood, it's actually odd to have to wake up and go to church by yourself.

Let me explain both because I believe you'll be able to relate to either one or both.

Back to Scenario #1: It was the start of my fitness journey because I was working in the Athletic Training office in college. I worked for the Head football Coach, but the Assistant Basketball Coach always came in and joked around with me. One day he invited me to his 1 credit course that was basically weight training and emphasizing healthy eating choices. I was super nervous to sign up for it because that was the one course that the football and basketball players would take. I knew nothing and that was the last place I wanted to start. However, after meeting with a doctor and finding out I was at high risk for diabetes and heart disease, I figured I needed to start somewhere. I was scared out of my mind. I had no problem walking into any of my other classes, but this one was the hardest. Hardest because I had to be real with him. Had to do measurements, weight, and log my food. Nothing is as humbling as being held accountable to a food journal. But it was truly the biggest learning experience. I learned to enjoy weight training and how to properly log my food and that fad diets and shakes and pills don't work.

Scenario #2: Raised in the church, apart of the youth group, small group leader, bible studies, Christian college, and truly believe in Christ with my whole heart. But the hardest was moving away from my family to a new city and having to find a church to attend. I think I visited 7 before I landed on a church I actually didn't mind attending. Music was legit. People are legit. Time of service was legit. But still... I fought going to church because I dreaded going by myself. I dreaded coming home and not sitting down having Sunday dinner with my family. Church meant me facing I was an adult and had to go. I used work as an excuse to get out of going for a good year and a half. But those who truly know me, kept asking me why I wasn't going. After a while, "just because" wasn't an 'ADULT' response. It was a lazy response on my part.

So let me be real. I had an individual ask me one day, "How come you go to workout on Sunday morning instead of going to church?" My response, "Ehh, I don't know. Going to church by myself is uncomfortable!" Then she said, "Don't you think living outside your comfort zone applies not only to fitness, but your spiritual journey?"

Ouch! She was right. It's true, we hate to be comfortable. We hate to feel as if were going to be judged. We just like to be comfortable and in our circle of people. I've learned a lot about myself physically by stepping outside of my comfort zone physically and spiritually. I remind myself daily that I can't grow if I never accept a challenge. Growth requires me to take action & it WILL be a little or A LOT uncomfortable.

Maybe this blog made since, maybe not. But lessons of being uncomfortable continues to shape me. It's not about me, It's about loving God and loving and serving His people.