Sunday, April 24, 2016

About what you CAN DO

Around 6 years ago when I first moved to Salina and joined Genesis, I remember when the spring time came around Anna Simoneau and Cindy Crehan kept asking my to do this 5K thing out of town. I really had no idea what it was or really cared to find out. I declined the 1st year, but when Anna moved to Manhattan and I was on staff at Genesis, Cindy just put me in charge or gathering women together for this 5K I had no idea about.

The first year I did it, I just kept hearing it was an ALL WOMEN'S 5K. I thought, what the heck, I'll go and learn. I gathered as many of my female clients and other gym goers together to do it. I was blown away that first year. There were 1,000 plus women there and the race was honestly to celebrate women and their health. I stayed for the ceremony after the race and found out there was a woman 94 years old who walked it. I was taken back by the age groups and women from all walks of life that participated. Moms, Grandmas, Aunts, Sisters, friends, daughters, women's cross country or track teams, girl scouts, and various others! I would say nearly 60-70% walk the race AND that's completely cool! It's women coming together to celebrate women.

So after that first year under my belt, I vowed to get as MANY of my clients and gym friends to do it the following year. It always varies and we have a team of anywhere from 15-25 women from Salina go and do it. So that second year when I was rounding up women to be on the team, I nearly told one of my clients she would do this 5K. She had never done one before. And once she committed and did it, SHE LOVED it. The next year my client was diagnosed with cancer and we actually got team shirts with her name on it. Then, there was this year. This year my dearest client who has been battling this cancer and wasn't given long, has fought one crazy fight. She CONTINUES to fight like no other person I have ever met before. So even though her cancer isn't in remission, I messaged her daughter to ask if they would be interested in the walk or even allowing us to push her in a wheelchair for the walk. Well this strong client/friend of mine refused the wheelchair, she WAS determined to walk that whole 5K....
And.., She did! I ran the 5K on Saturday and waited at the finish line for her and her daughter to cross. I'm not a huge emotional person, but when she cross that FINISH LINE and fell into my arms I absolutely lost it. No words would even come out of my mouth, We hugged and cried for a while and when she walked over to her husband, I turned around to see the rest of my clients and friends standing just a few feet away in tears as well.

So here's the lesson. Here's something that goes BEYOND just the scale.
All too often we sit on our tails thinking about everything we CAN'T do.
I can't lift weights bc....
I can't do cardio bc...
I can't wake up early bc...
I can't workout after work bc...
I can't log my food bc...
I can't eat right bc...
THE EXCUSES go on and on... and reality is, many times it's not until we realize what we're fighting for do we actually start fighting.
So many times it's not until someone hits absolute rock bottom when they decide they need to make a change.
I'll use myself as an example... I was nearly 230 pounds at 21 years old and 5'4 1/2". My hair was falling out. I was pre-diabetic. I was depressed. I wanted to sleep my life away. I spent a lot of time in my bed crying... I WAS A HOT MESS.
What changed? I was tired of being pathetic. I remember just a few days ago a good friend of mine posted on Instagram, "The mirror never lies so if you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, don't make an excuse. FIX IT."

Could it be anymore real than that? Most of us have our health and we take it for granted. The more individuals I have the opportunity to work with, the more I see shitty life cards dealt to people. With health problems, diseases, and disorders... yet these individuals don't make any excuses. They ARE my hardest working clients because they KNOW WHY and WHAT they're working for.

May you see your health is greater than just the number on the scale. May you know your worth.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Why I Post on Social Media

Many of you have been following me for a while now on either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat and I want to thank you for continuing to follow my journey.

However, I want to take a second and explain the reasons behind my posts starting with a brief story.
The other day I was on my phone logging my food when someone started talking to me. I wasn't giving the convo my full attention because I wanted to get my food logged for the day. The individual said,

"Get off your social media, I'm talking to you! You're always posting something."

Let me just say, that comment irritated me and here's why.

When Facebook began to grow and Facebook's newsfeed came about, I remember reading post after post of negative and critical content. I vowed to myself that if I post something on social media, I want it to Encourage, Inspire, and/or Empower someone.

So with that said, the reason behind my social media posts is to share my personal journey as well as share a few success stories from clients and friends who inspire or encourage me.

Making the life changes that I have has changed my life for the better. I'm not who I was 5 years ago and I've grown mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I share my personal fitness journey because I want people to see dedication and consistency pay off. I share to keep myself motivated because if we're all going to be honest, shit is hard! Some days just getting in your recommended water consumption in for the day is a success. Maybe getting to the gym when your life feels like it's falling to pieces is a success. Maybe choosing to drink your protein shake instead of eating the donuts at the office is a success. WHATEVER, your day to day successes are, it's ok to share them! EVER wonder why this Blog is called "Success in Various Forms"?!

Because EVERY SINGLE day has it's own successes! Maybe not a weightloss goal success, but if we really take a step back and reevaluate our days, we all could find one positive... one single success.

So yes, I'll take a picture of my "healthy meal prepped" food and share it on snapchat because honestly, I'd rather be eating a dang donut just as much as the other guy.

Maybe you or someone you knows struggles with depression or anxiety? Ever think maybe somebody scrolling through their social media may see a positive post that helps them face another day?

Maybe someone sees a video of an overweight clumsy woman exercising and think, "She can do this, so can I!"

Maybe someone who has considered ending their life because they don't like the person looking back at them in the mirror? Maybe they see a positive post on social media that gives them hope and a reason to face another day.

Maybe someone is at home alone fighting cancer or some other terrible disease and comes across a motivational post that inspires them to keep going....

Trust me when I say I can relate to each and every single one of my clients. I FEEL for them and know where they are coming from. Maybe I haven't had cancer, but I have fought through a lot of personal struggles to get where I am. I don't have to share every single damn struggle of mine because complaining gets me NOWHERE. However, what does get me somewhere is the people I choose to surround myself with. I choose to surround myself with people who encourage and believe in me and the same goes for my social media. I follow positive and encouraging people and their stories because that CHALLENGES me to be a better individual.

So if you're wondering why I post, it's because of the love I have for others. I may not KNOW you personally, but I can honestly say we're all fighting a battle and we all have our struggles. But it's my goal to share my successes and the successes of other to ENCOURAGE, INSPIRE, & EMPOWER others.