Sunday, November 11, 2012

Importance of Personl Trainers!

Weights, Weights, Weights!

Success in Various Forms is the title of my blog, but I need to reiterate why.  I've said it numerous times, but there are so many aspects to being fit and healthy.  I actually had a conversation just this week with a new friend I had met where we discussed all of these.  Flexibility, agility, strength, cardio, balance, and diet all play a huge role in the circle of being fit.  Some of us have the workout part down, some have the balance, some have flexibility, and some understand diet.  But there is something that we all struggle with when it comes to leading a life of being fit and that is why I feel it is so important to have a personal trainer.  Granted being a trainer is my career choice, I truly believe in having one because good trainers HAVE a trainer too!
GREEN TEA and WATER every day!
BUT WHY I SOUGHT TO GET A TRAINER in the beginning was to be educated and to be held accountable.  This is where so many of us fail.  We lack the knowledge and accountability.  We would rather not workout and take a pill the doctor had prescribed to us rather than get down to the real issue of needing to change our lifestyles.  How did I lose my 90 pounds?  I stopped making excuses and ASKED for help!  You wouldn't go to the doctor and have him screen you and then tell him your not going to take his advice.  Same with a trainer.  We truly assess your goals and put a plan of action together to get you there.  However, along the way we might find that before we can get to goal A, we have to work on something like balance.  Or you want to lose weight, you can't out work poor eating habits.  It's a process... 
One of my favorite Eat Clean meals: Steamed Broccoli and baked chicken with some Mrs. Dashes seasoning!
So back to the point of my entire blog... The reason it's Success in Various forms is because everyday is a success.  Everyday I'm making the choice to better myself.  I had a good friend and personal trainer who I speak with often offered some challenging advice: to lay off all the cardio.  Preston Allen informed me that I was doing too much and my body was going to start using my muscle for fuel.  That's when I committed to laying off and lifting more.  I hated it in the beginning because I'm QUEEN OF CARDIO, but after a month of it, I'm loving the look of my muscles.  THIS, is why you need a trainer.  They will be honest with you.  They will tell you to lift more, do more cardio, change how you eat... Whatever... It comes down to is LISTENING and taking advice.  Accept you don't know everything and that someone might know a little bit more than you.
Typical Eat Clean Meal!
And LASTLY, a trainer WILL change your life.  So if your not wanting a change, if your not wanting to feel and look better... DON'T get a trainer!  Our job is to believe and love you when you have stopped believing and loving yourself.  If anyone should have more faith in you, that is your trainer.  And that is what I do.  I love my clients even when it brings them to tears because I have to be honest with them.  I hate doing it, but sometimes we all need a wake up call or a slap on the hand to not eat that last cookie!
Success, it is different for everyone, but for me lately- Success has been found in lifting weights. 
Your challenge, what changes do you need to make to find success and keep progressing toward your fitness goals?  Fitness is not a destination, it's a journey of learning and revamping your mind to truly find your inner self.  It's a humbling experience and I encourage you to jump on board.
Be Blessed

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