Saturday, December 29, 2012

Importance of Goals!


When I finally got started on my weightloss journey 3 years ago it was because I set a goal.  My starting goal: to be Fit_Not_Skinny.  Growing up all through school I wanted to look like everyone else.  I would watch movies and look at magazines and hate myself for not being skinny like everyone else.  I just wanted to fit it.  However, after reaching 226 pounds and being at risks for diebetes and several other diseases that come with being obese, I decided to do something about it.  I refused to accept my thyroid disease as an excuse.  I stopped making excuses and commited to eat properly.  I had to practice self control and discipline, and it was DIFFICULT, but I did it!  How I got to where I am... FOLLOW THROUGH.  I had to stop sabotaging myself with my poor eating habits.  My goals outweighed the taste of flavor.

This week, I wanted to feature another individual who has come a very long way.  Read her story of weight loss as well as her accomplished goal to run a 5K Race every month for all of 2012.

Amy Meyer 2010
How much weight have you lost total?  It took 18 months to lose 136 pounds, December 31, 2011, I was at my lowest weight.  The past year has been a struggle with getting the maintenance balance correct, so I have gained some weight back.  Currently, I have lost 121 pounds, my goals is to get my weight back down to the low 150’s to maintain. 
What got you started on your journey to be fit?

Amy with her trainer Joe Humiston

Genesis trainer Joe Humiston would ask me about every few weeks when “I was going to start training with him” and I would just say “I don’t know”.  Then in June 2010, he sat me down and told me if I started training with him what results I could expect.  Personal training was one think that I hadn’t tried before, so I decided to give it a try.

What 'clicked' for you?  In June 2010, I was diagnosed with depression, feeling horrible, and had no energy, I weighed in at 286 pounds.  I need to change my life.  After talking with Joe, I felt I had to try something different, the path I was on wasn’t working.  I was really skeptical at the beginning, so I purchased 12 sessions (now I buy 48 at a time).  I fully committed myself to his nutrition advice and exercise plan, the weight just started to come off and it felt great.

What is your favorite "fit" activity?  Lifting weights is my favorite activity.  In the beginning, I hating going back with all the strong guys to the dumbbells, but now I love it.  You can see your body change and it is always challenging.

What was your goal when you first started your journey?  When I first started my goal was to weigh what I weighted in high school.  I knew what size of clothes I wore but not really what my actual weight was.  But I have surpassed that and I tried on my prom dress from sophomore year and it is now too big !!!

Why did you choose to do a 5K each month? Who decided that goal?  In 2011, I completed five 5K’s with my first being the Emma Creek 5K in April.  After, finishing you feel so great that you accomplished it and I just wanted to do more.  So in November 2011, I thought it would be awesome to do one a month for 2012.  Some months were hard to find one that was close by and fit into my schedule (In July, I ran a 5 mile race since I couldn’t find a 5K, they don’t plan to many in the hot months of Kansas), but I finished with 13 runs for 2012.

What did you learn from each run?  Each race had its own challenges.  Some races I felt great, some my legs were like jello, your body can go so much further then you mind, you just have to push yourself.  A couple races when I didn’t think I could go anymore, your body just takes over and before you know it there is the finish line.
Darren Sproles 5K
What is your 2013 goal? 
My goal for 2013 is to get back down to the low 150’s and to run a 5K in less than 30 minutes ! ! !

Why do you find it important to have a goal? 
Goals help you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and you have a target to strive for.  They give you a measureable sense of accomplishment and you will learn and grow thought out the process.

I share Amy Meyer's story so that you will see the importance of goal setting and FOLLOWING THROUGH.  It's so easy to give up when times get tough and it isn't 'fun'.  However, look at Amy!  She accomplished a 5K every single month!  She didn't lose sight of her goal after she got started.  She dug deep and finished.  I encourage each of you to evaluate your 2012 and prepare for 2013.  Set a reasonable goal and ask someone to hold you accountable.  Don't give in and give up on yourself.  You are worth it!  Take care of you and your health that you've been blessed with.  Don't take your life for granted, live it, and enjoy it!

Had the opportunity to run the Frosty 5K with Amy in November!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Fit & Healthy, A Journey

As I continue to work with my clients more and more, I never lose sight of where I was because I see myself in each of them.  The individuals I relate to most are the emotional and stress eaters.  No matter how hard you work  your butt off in our training session or on your own, you have to watch what you eat to make the goals  you have for yourself.  For years I tried to eat like all my friends and found myself working out for 4-5 hours a day and made no progress.  It was once I committed to writing down what I was eating and planning out my meals was I able to lose my weight.

So when I met with a client last week who was getting frustrated with not making the goals she had for herself, I asked her about her diet.  When she handed me her food journal, she said she had done really well.  As I looked over the journal and was not happy about the lack of protein and the high amounts of chocolate, sweet treats, and refined sugars consumed each day, I thought I'd get her opinion first.  She went into explaining how even though it looks bad, it's not as bad as it used to be.  That instead of eating one Cinnamon roll, she used to have two or three.  That the couple of Hershey Kisses used to be a bag at a time.  That it used to be a pan of brownies, but now she stops after one. 

I took a deep breath as all I wanted to do was lay into her for eating what she had, she was sabotaging herself!  However, the other side of me, the side that had been in her exact spot just a few years ago could relate.  I know how hard it is to give up something that is our safety blanket when we are stressed, upset, afraid, or anxious.  As a trainer, I was happy to hear her thought process because that is how it goes for people with food addictions.  Giving up things as we are ready to give them up happens sometimes slowly or in an instant.  It was a huge light bulb moment the day I realized that I was sabotaging myself with peanut butter and almond butter.  I knew I could have a little, but I would chose to eat spoonfuls instead of my veggies and protein.  I wouldn't plan my meals because I would just buy a tub of peanut butter and eat that for a meal.  I was definitely consuming too much.  When I realized this, back in September, I have maybe had 2 table spoons total of nuts since.  It's something that is destructive to my diet and if I give in a little, I give in a lot.  So I would rather go with out.

Bottom line, to tell someone with a food addiction that we can't have this, this, and that we want it more like a 2 year old child who is told no to something.  It's a process just like working out is.  For some it just clicks, others, you have to mentally be ready to do so.  It's a step by step process not to get frustrated by.  My client is slowly winging herself off sugar, and she might have a bad day, but she is taking steps in the right direction.

Like I say, SUCCESS IN VARIOUS FORMS... PROGRESSION is definitely SUCCESS!  Wherever you fall on the spectrum, have pride in how far you've come, but also have a desire to better yourself.

Have a Very Merry Christmas FitCrew!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Many of you saw me post this picture on facebook this last week.  Several people shared, commented, or liked the picture.  Why?  Because it's absolutely true!  I will include myself in this assumption that we see someone with a really nice body and think, "Genetics! They don't have to workout EVER!".  That is absolutely not true because most likely they are not only busting their tail in the gym, they are taking time to plan out their meals and practice discipline in WHAT they put into their mouth.

But I want to touch on a personal story from my family.  Like I've said before, I'm never going to candy coat my journey of weightloss.  It was and still is a challenge.  That's why I write about it being a journey.  The reason for my blog "Success in Various Forms".  When your on a journey to be fit, everyday of practicing self control and discipline is a success.  I wanted to introduce to you my cousin Amy.  Growing up her and I looked exactly alike.  We are several years apart, but both had/have had the same struggle of eating.  However, this 2012 year, Amy decided to do something about it. So far Amy has lost 131 pounds!

Amy at here biggest: 343 pounds

Here is her story:

"June 11th, 2012 was when I told myself that I wasn't going to be the fat girl any longer.  I texted a friend of mine and asked her if she'd help me.  I told her I wanted to lose 60lbs.  Then I made a deal with my 11 year old son.  I told him to ask me to go play ball with him if he saw me sitting down in front of the tv at like 6, 7, or 8 at night.  I haven't let him down since. I also made an appointment with my doctor and we made a plan for exercise and diet.  I also started posting my progress on facebook as a means of accountability.
I will not go backwards!  It started with a 60lb goal and lost 100lbs and now it's my goal to be within my BMI.  I need to loose 208lbs to be at the top of my BMI.
When I started at the gym I could only do the elliptical for 2 minutes.  I can now do it 60+ minutes.  I did my first 5k race before thanksgiving.  I walked more than I ran but I did it.  I love to run these days.  I'm signed up for my next 5k race on x-mas eve.  My goal is to do better then the last one.  I've changed my lifestyle and love it!  Just the other day a friend of mine asked me if when I get to the weight I want to be if I can eat like her.  I said no and she didn't quite understand why.  I told her because I eat differently these days to be healthy.  I informed her that I will exercise every day the rest of my life because it's a choice - I want to and I like how it makes me feel.  It took a while for me to stop rewarding myself with food.  Now, I understand that it's easier to just stay on a routine.  It's hard to continuously start over.  Lots of my friends will say it's okay Amy you deserve to splurge but what they don't understand is that it's a daily battle for me.  I have a goal and if I want to meet it then I have to be on my A game everyday."

This here is why I do what I do.  I don't share my personal story and encourage others on this lifestyle of fitness just because I want to brag I've lost weight.  I share because it inspires other women, like Amy to KNOW and have CONFIDENCE that they CAN do it!  Just like I gained a whole new self respect for myself, that is what Amy has gained.  When you begin to love yourself enough to discipline yourself and accomplish what she has, you are empowered!  It brings tears to my eyes to see a woman embracing who she really is. 

90 lbs down and still pushing to better myself!

My heaviest: 226lbs
Readers: be inspired, encouraged, and empowered.  We aren't on a journey to just "Look Good".  We are on a journey of learning to TRULY LOVE ourselves.  When we love ourselves, it's easier to love others!

Your Challenge: evaluate your past week and write down 1 thing you think you can improve on.  Love yourself enough to follow through...

Be Blessed

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I run this race called life not to be first, but to be of an encouragement.

Philippians 3:13-14
"No Dear Brothers and Sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing.  Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus is calling us."

As I look over these last few weeks, I'm really impressed with myself jumping in and running two 5k races all within a one week span.  The first one I ended up placing 3rd in and I thought I had done horrible.  The second race, I just wanted to beat my previous time.  And I did! 

I know I'm not an Olympian, however, I love to run!  This past week after my second race I was driving to Thanksgiving dinner and the endorphins were still rushing through my body from the AM run.  I began to remember back to my first 1/2 marathon I had prepped for.  The training was so difficult and my toes were black and blue the majority of the time.  I said I'd never run again because I hated it so much.  But the more training I've done, lost weight, and muscled up, the more fun running has become.  No matter if the race is in rain & sleet like the 1/2 marathon in Oklahoma City, OK or if it's just outside on a beautiful day, I really enjoy the time because I'm able to find peace in it.

What do I think about when I run?  EVERYTHING!
I strap on my Ipod and zone in to my past week.  I use the time running to self analyze what went well and what didn't.  I think about what I had control over and what I didn't and think of a plan to better myself and others the upcoming week.  I also use the time to pray.  It's really hard to think about my legs and hips and lungs all burning and so forth... but I tell myself to relax and breathe. My mantra is "DON'T STOP"!

Self Analyzing... WHY STOP RUNNING?  The Oklahoma City 1/2 and Full Marathon will be this spring once again.  I have decided that I need to run it.  The race took my breath away the first time (in a good way) and I desire to do it again.  I need something in front of me, a goal to push towards.  My ultimate goal in life is to be fit and healthy and inspire others to do the same.  That is why I continue like the above verse I came across in Philippians.  I run this race called life not to be first, but to be of an encouragement.  No matter if I impact 1 person or several, I live for an audience of one and I desire to please him.  Granted, I mess up a whole lot, but I don't allow that to be an excuse.  I continue to push on.

What have you given up on?  Who have you given up on?  Are you still in this race?  I present these questions because they need to be addressed.  When we live for others or ourselves, we get lost.  Take a look at your life and see what changes need to be made.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Importance of Personl Trainers!

Weights, Weights, Weights!

Success in Various Forms is the title of my blog, but I need to reiterate why.  I've said it numerous times, but there are so many aspects to being fit and healthy.  I actually had a conversation just this week with a new friend I had met where we discussed all of these.  Flexibility, agility, strength, cardio, balance, and diet all play a huge role in the circle of being fit.  Some of us have the workout part down, some have the balance, some have flexibility, and some understand diet.  But there is something that we all struggle with when it comes to leading a life of being fit and that is why I feel it is so important to have a personal trainer.  Granted being a trainer is my career choice, I truly believe in having one because good trainers HAVE a trainer too!
GREEN TEA and WATER every day!
BUT WHY I SOUGHT TO GET A TRAINER in the beginning was to be educated and to be held accountable.  This is where so many of us fail.  We lack the knowledge and accountability.  We would rather not workout and take a pill the doctor had prescribed to us rather than get down to the real issue of needing to change our lifestyles.  How did I lose my 90 pounds?  I stopped making excuses and ASKED for help!  You wouldn't go to the doctor and have him screen you and then tell him your not going to take his advice.  Same with a trainer.  We truly assess your goals and put a plan of action together to get you there.  However, along the way we might find that before we can get to goal A, we have to work on something like balance.  Or you want to lose weight, you can't out work poor eating habits.  It's a process... 
One of my favorite Eat Clean meals: Steamed Broccoli and baked chicken with some Mrs. Dashes seasoning!
So back to the point of my entire blog... The reason it's Success in Various forms is because everyday is a success.  Everyday I'm making the choice to better myself.  I had a good friend and personal trainer who I speak with often offered some challenging advice: to lay off all the cardio.  Preston Allen informed me that I was doing too much and my body was going to start using my muscle for fuel.  That's when I committed to laying off and lifting more.  I hated it in the beginning because I'm QUEEN OF CARDIO, but after a month of it, I'm loving the look of my muscles.  THIS, is why you need a trainer.  They will be honest with you.  They will tell you to lift more, do more cardio, change how you eat... Whatever... It comes down to is LISTENING and taking advice.  Accept you don't know everything and that someone might know a little bit more than you.
Typical Eat Clean Meal!
And LASTLY, a trainer WILL change your life.  So if your not wanting a change, if your not wanting to feel and look better... DON'T get a trainer!  Our job is to believe and love you when you have stopped believing and loving yourself.  If anyone should have more faith in you, that is your trainer.  And that is what I do.  I love my clients even when it brings them to tears because I have to be honest with them.  I hate doing it, but sometimes we all need a wake up call or a slap on the hand to not eat that last cookie!
Success, it is different for everyone, but for me lately- Success has been found in lifting weights. 
Your challenge, what changes do you need to make to find success and keep progressing toward your fitness goals?  Fitness is not a destination, it's a journey of learning and revamping your mind to truly find your inner self.  It's a humbling experience and I encourage you to jump on board.
Be Blessed

Go visit your local Complete Nutrition, my picture is in their stores!
Tell them Alison sent you!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm going to be 25?!

There are always certain times in a year when individuals pay special attention to evaluating their life.  One is the New Year, and secondly… your birthday.  You bet, my birthday is this coming week and I’ve spent the last 2 weeks doing a lot of pondering. 

The big 25!  Ok, so it’s not really that big… but for me it seems big because I know how fast life as flown by since I graduated.  It all seems like a big blur.  With turning 25, the first question that comes to mind is have I gotten anywhere?  Have I made any progression?

I graduated in 2010 with a degree in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Special Education.  I started working at a school with students who were physically and mentally challenged after spending the summer volunteering in inner city St. Louis, MO.  My dream after college was to be the leading change for inner city schools, but the plan didn't work out.  I moved back to Kansas and substitute taught for a year.  But after not landing a full time job for the following year with the school district I moved on to retail and was quite distraught!  For 5 years I had the dream of working with students and teaching individuals and began to question why God allowed me to do all that work and not get anywhere?  I moved on to a job in retail where I was supposed to be on the fast track to a manager’s position, but that really didn’t work out either!  I was making crappy money, but picked up teaching a couple spin classes so I could use that money to pay for gas and my gym membership.  A whole year of retail and many tears, I was offered a full time job as a personal trainer at the gym I was teaching classes at.  I was speechless, and snatched up the job.

Today, I couldn’t be more than happy with what I’m doing!  But what I want to point out is the path the brought me to this point.  The last 24 years have been all prep.  All those “fat years” of being the “fat girl”… All those years of struggling with a undiagnosed thyroid disorder…  All those education classes… the patience I had to put into practice with each student I worked with.  All those experiences have helped better me.  Not easy, but they have made me who I am today.

Yes, I make mistakes!  And no, I don’t have it all together.  I'm not the perfect trainer or have all the diet answers.  No I’m not making a fortune at my job.  But I’m enjoying what I do, and that’s important to me.  Back in college I committed to being a life long learner, and so it continues.  I continue to grow in my knowledge so I can better guide, inspire, and encourage others.  People ask me how I find the energy to get up at 4 am.  And the answer:  I love what I do and love the people I work with.  I’m able to truly see God in each individual I train.  They all have unique character and bring a smile to my face.  They all have been through some form of an experience that I’m able to learn from.  They each are wise in their own way and I know God has placed them in my life for some reason.

Moving into my 25th year of life, the answer is YES I have made progress.  But I don’t want to stop there.  I have short and long term goals and the only thing I will let interfere with them is if God has another plan in mind.  I’m choosing to remain humble and let God lead the way.

Stay blessed FitCREW!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Importance of a FITNESS Journal

I've talked over and over about fitness as being a process rather than a destination. And it continues to be true for me as my body changes. I think back to the first time I started working out, I would run at night or early morning so no one would see the "FAT GIRL" running. But then I became more comfortable with allowing people to see me working out.

Then the first time I went to a Zumba class, I felt sick walking into the class because I didn't know if people were going to all look like the dancers from a MTV music video. I learned the steps as I continued to attend and fall in love with the music and the instructor. Then weights, oh how I hate lifting! I did it when I was in high school, but that was different. High school was all power lifting and doing clean after clean. I remember once hurting my lower back and I never wanted to lift again! Later, I went about lifting with help of several trainers. They taught me correct form, sets, rest time, plyos, and more... They were all things I didn't know much about when I first started to lift. With all the cardio I was doing, I found that to keep my fat from turning into baggy/saggy skin, I needed to lift. There are people that say to me there is no way you were once 226lbs, you have no baggy skin. I have some places, but I continue to work those areas as well as my total body.


So it seems as if I have it all together right?? I'm a trainer and I know what to do! WRONG! It's a process... Even for myself when it comes to workouts and eating. My process started out as "I would be happy if I could just lose 25lbs" but I reached and surpassed that goal. And since then, I've continued to set new goals for myself starting with loving myself. My happiness isn't based on what I do or don't do, but that I'm a child of God and my success come from only Him. I have to constantly remind myself of this daily. And along with daily disciplines, I make sure to log my eating and exercise. Just like a daily prayer journal helps me to stay on track, logging food and exercise holds one accountable. Through logging, I'm able to identify my weak points and ask for ideas on how to get better results. One thing I learned this last week, I need to lift upper body more and often. It's easy to lift legs because I can SEE the results, but upper body doesn't develop as quickly. I need to take time and break down my upper body and be effective when I do it instead of trying to just "get it done". The other thing my food journal revealed to me is that I love fats like nuts and avocados. Yes, they're healthy, but for my "goal" I need to lay off. I love protein bars because I get a sweet craving and think I need one. I don't need them and so I've decided leading up until my birthday in October, I'm going to refrain from these three food items that I would consider myself "addicted" to. I don't like feeling like I can't go a day without something. And that's how I feel about these foods. I can go without them and so this next month, I will.

I mention all this to prove that even someone who seems like she has it together, doesn't! I have my friend and trainer Preston Allen that I turn my food and exercise logs into to hold me "accountable" and ask if you have someone? What have you been afraid to let gom of? Or are you still afraid to get started? Either way, fitness is a process. You'll never perfect it, but you can make some better choices than where you are now. There is always something that you can tweak, change, do differently and I encourage you to get started. What will you choose to do to become a fitter you?

Saturday, August 11, 2012



Why is it so difficult?

As I work more with clients consistently, I find that I hear a lot of people tell me their goals, wants, and desires. As we create a plan for them to reach it they become excited to start on the journey of getting their life back by walking better, breathing better, lessening their medication dosage, losing weight, eating right, and all that goes along with being healthy. However, when the newness wears off and it becomes work, I find they forget WHY they started.

I never got to this point till I hit a plateau.  I had put work in and when I was down 40lbs, I couldn't lose any more weight.  I had been doing the same thing over and over and not getting results.  I knew I needed help.  The bottom line, weight loss can't be done on ones own.  You need to have a program, a plan, goals, accountability, and a way of getting there.  The change in workout routines will create muscle confusion and help you to achieve your goals.  This is where I fell fault to when I was trying to do everything on my own.  I honestly thought that I could keep doing the same amount of weight and eating the same as when I first started to lose weight.  It wasn't till my trainer described to me that the less I have to lose, the less drastic my weight loss will become.  However, the workouts had to be taken up a notch and the belt on my eating habits had to be tightened as well.  TRUTHFULLY, I HATED IT.  I didn't mind the change in the workout, it was nice.  However, when my diet had to change (MY COMFORT ZONE) and I had to start watching sugar, sodium, carb, and protein intake it frustrated me.  It wasn't my usual routine or my usual eating patterns.  I believe I even told the trainer, I couldn't do it.  He reassured me I could, and then told me to SUCK IT UP.  UGHHH!

So many times we view change as a bad thing, when in reality, it’s a good thing. Change means your stepping outside of your comfort zone. Change means you’re doing something that you don’t usually do. I get asked over and over “HOW DID YOU LOSE YOUR WEIGHT?” My response, I MADE A CHANGE! Clearly, what you’ve been doing isn’t working if you’ve been doing the same thing and not progressing.  I see people doing the same workout from a year ago and then they complain and want to quit because there are no results. You need to change things up!  IT'LL require EFFORT AND WORK.

So I ask you, WHY did you start? What are your goals? Are you even setting a goal for yourself? Give yourself more credit and put the work in. If you’re not willing to put the work in, then you don’t want your goals bad enough.  As always, my words come from my own personal experiences.  The picture below shows my enthusiasm toward making it in Oxygen Magazine for the 2nd time.  My ultimate goal in life is to bring Glory and Honor to God and I do so through encouraging others.  May you know you are loved.  Know that if you can dream it, willing to put the work in, you WILL achieve it.  Through the FIRE, comes CHARACTER.

be Blessed

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Excuses vs. Success

I keep coming across individuals that have the mindset that I USED to have.  It’s the attitude of EXCUSES.  I used to be so good at making excuses of my circumstances as well as blaming everyone else.  I know I won’t ever escape meeting these individuals, but I will however, challenge you.

I came across this picture and had to repost!

It says:
Reason I tell people I gained weight:
I got divorced
I’m in love
My medication makes me hungry
I’m stressed
I’m anxious
I’m celebrating
I’ bored
My thyroid is broken
I hate my job
Food is delicious
I bought a house
It’s summer
It’s a holiday
Someone brought donuts to the office
My blood sugar is low
I don’t have time to cook
I can’t afford it
I’m fighting with my significant other

Reason I REALLY gained weight:

I OVEREAT CONSTANTLY and I put more effort into making excuses than I do into making myself healthy.

Sorry if I ruffled any feathers, but if you follow this blog, my instagram or twitter account, you’ll quickly realize I’m not going to feed your sad story.  I used to be the person to make myself a victim and say “poor me”.  Sorry, but I’m not going to say “Poor YOU!”  There are so many people who have had the discipline and determination to over come so many of these above excuses.  I myself have overcome a thyroid disorder as well as an eating disorder (eating too much)!  And not to say I never struggle, but I practice discipline!  I used to eat, eat, eat, eat and wonder why I was 90lbs over weight.  Not anymore.  There are things I had to face within myself that looking back now I realize that I grew to be a better person from it.  When you stop making excuses and reasons why you can’t, you’ll find success. 

Let me ask you a question, are you making excuses because you’re afraid to succeed and you know you’re going to be held to a higher standard?  Whatever it may be, I pray that God can give you the strength to push forward.  Know you are loved, know your worth, and know that you deserve it.  I love you all and appreciate you.  Challenge yourself to Be Great, Be Epic, and Live your purpose LOUD.



2 1/2 years ago!

Progression as of today! 7/22/2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My MINDSET at 226lbs!

Personal Training has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve done to this day.  I learn so much about myself as well as my clients every single time we meet.

Just the other day I was taking one of my clients through a session when she told me about a conversation she had in the locker room.  One of the ladies who she was talking with was new to the gym and gathering her things to shower.  When she went to open her towel she said, “Who is this towel supposed to cover?!”  They both laughed and made light of the matter when another lady chimed in and said, “The gym gives complimentary towels that are small to remind us that we need to keep working out so we can fit into the towels!”  Another lady said, “Doesn’t the gym realize that fat people need bigger towels?”

Now if you knew my client, you would have been rolling with laughter.  Her sarcasm had me rolling with laughter and I had to contain myself as a professional!  But I think the real reason this story was so funny to me is because I could relate!  The old Alison at 226 lbs hated going to hotels, gyms, and pools and having to take my own towel.  I hated that I couldn’t even wrap an average size towel around myself.  Now you might think, that’s ridiculous, BUT it’s true!  These are the kind of struggles over weight people go through.  Clothing not fitting, towels not being big enough, not fitting into a chair or desk, not fitting into a booth…  I don’t say this because we need to start making things bigger for over weight people, but I say it because I can relate.  I used to be that person to make fun of myself and joke about it, when deep inside I hated myself.
My job as a trainer, yes, to help people get in shape.  But even more so, LOVE the people who have stopped loving themselves.  It breaks my heart to hear people at the gym say horrible things about themselves when working out that they wouldn’t even THINK to say to someone else.  It breaks my heart to see individuals who won’t look at their form in the mirror because they can’t stand to look at themselves.  They stopped caring for themselves for whatever reason and can’t believe how far they went in the wrong direction.

I’m here to make a statement.  STOP GIVING UP ON YOURSELF!  Take control of your life and stop making excuses of why and be driven to get healthy.  There is no easy out besides cleaning up your diet and working out.  You need to find someone to hold you accountable.  You need to start loving yourself enough to practice discipline.  You’re not going to die doing it.  You’re going to die if you don’t make the choice to DO something.  Humble yourself enough to ask for help, get help, and FOLLOW THROUGH!


Monday, July 2, 2012


What’s your inspiration?  What gets you moving?  What drives and motivates you?

Last January when I was apart of the Nike Women “Make Yourself” campaign that's exactly what they were asking!  What are you doing and what inspires you?  I chose to make myself DYNAMIC by refusing to make excuses and I was featured as one of their women spotlights.  And as this lifestyle of fitness has continued to unfold for me, I’m finding more and more inspirations. 

My old inspiration used to be: not be fat so I can get married.  SHALLOW, yep!  But that is the whole reason I decided I wanted to get ride of my fat.  I didn’t want to spend my life lonely and married and have 100 cats!  

However, as the weight began to come off, I realized my inspiration was to “NEVER GO BACK TO BEING THE OLD ALISON”.  I was pathetic.  My family still jokes about how I used eat, eat, eat, and then watch T.V. and eat some more.  Occasionally, I would find time to complain about how I was doing so much- when I really was doing nothing.  The PAST ALISON drove me to better myself.  I knew where I HAD BEEN, and refused to go back.

But what keeps me going?  Other individuals!  Every single time I walk into the gym I see someone working with a trainer who was told “They COULD’T” or “Will NOT be able to”.  I’m inspired by women and men who come morning and evening to classes to put in EXTRA work to achieve their goal.  I have even met one individual that shouldn’t be walking!  THESE are the people who keep me going.  Yes, I lost 90lbs with a thyroid disorder working against me.  But there are far greater people doing amazing things with their bodies for their own health because they refused to accept failure and defeat.

This week’s success is realizing that we are our own worst enemies.  We tell ourselves we can’t before we even try.  The bottom line is your excuses are only holding YOU back.  The pity party has to stop.  Begin by loving yourself enough to practice discipline in your life.  Why hold off a more enjoyable life?  Don’t wait for a NEW YEAR resolution.  Start now by getting a trainer to hold you accountable and PUSH you!  Start now by putting down the soda and grabbing water.  Start now by putting down the chips and salsa or ice cream.  Start now by EDUCATING yourself on how to eat clean.    Don’t cheat yourself!  Your body is a walking journal (analogy from #TeamWilson), so if you aren’t feeding it and exercising it… it’s NO secret… YOU SEE IT, and so does EVERYONE ELSE!  Let’s get it together and make the choice to do something for our bodies.  COMMIT!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goals, witha PLAN!

How many times have you said, "I wish I looked like _______?" What about wanting someone legs, abs, confidence, ambition, determination, muscles, whatever! We've all been there where we've desired something that someone else had.  Now the difference between us just desiring something and the person who has achieved your desired goal is the work they put in. Let me explain.  Couple year back when I had first met my personal trainer, I looked at her and judged her.  My gal Eva Shurts is this gorgeous woman with a completely ripped total body.  I hated her look just out of jealousy really.  I told myself and accepted that it's not normal to look like that and that big girls need love too! ;) But in reality, I was making excuses for myself to eat poorly and not workout.  Before Eva started working out, she was right where I was.  The difference, she chose to get up and change her poor habits to clean positive habits.  She learned many lessons when transforming her body and now she guides others toward achieving their fitness goals. Here was my revelation from the other day while I was training one of my clients on the TRX.  I had just finished demonstrating the plank and was about to tell her which muscles she was working and why when she said, "Oh! Your working your whole upper body too!  I can see ALL of your muscles in your back and arms!" I smiled and said yes!  "Dang, I need arms like you!" She said.  I confirmed that she would get there and we continued on.  But as I thought about it later, I realized she did exactly what I did when I first started training.  She saw a direct result of consistent exercise and diet and got a glimpse of her potential.  My gal finished her workout like a champ and even more excited to train! In closing, understand that a goal without a plan of action is just a wish.  I encourage all of you to sit down and write out your goals, BUT ALSO, write out how you plan to achieve those goals.  For me, it was working with a trainer.  A trainer guided me with workouts to get the desired goals, but also held me accountable to CLEAN eating habits.  My eyes have really been open to the idea that consistently walking into the gym without a plan and expecting GREAT results is setting yourself up for failure.  You need someone to guide you just like a GPS.  Someone to tell you to keep going, as well as WRONG TURN. Know you can achieve your goals, but it'll take some work and dedication. You'll have to dig deep and understand their is NO finish line... Only a line of progression. Don't cheat yourself, the joy and reward of achieving the goals is amazing! BeBlessed A

Monday, June 4, 2012


I'm definitely not new to the gym.  I understand the gym and sweating is one of the lasts places people want to be.  It takes effort!  Let's be real, if we could just be blessed with a nice body and never have to workout, we'd jump on it.  BUT that might be exactly why you aren't achieving the goals you want.  As I get more acclimated to my career of personal training, I have yet to go a day where I hadn't heard an EXCUSE.   Let's start with money.  "I can't afford it" I'm thinking: "but you drop how many hundreds of dollars drinking and eating and HARMING your body?" Now isn't a good time in my life: My response: "When will be a good time?  When your forced to care when something happens to your body?" I don't have enough time in the day: my response: "but you watch how many hours of T.V.? MAKE TIME!" The list really can go on and on... BUT THE REAL QUESTION IS: Where are your priorities? So many of the times we treat our bodies and fitness like we do God.  Something tragic happens, we call on God.  But when it works itself out... He kind of falls to the side.  Special event or holiday, we holler his way and show him praise... But after the gifts are given we don't show him much love. Same with our bodies: we get injured or something stops working and we have to visit the hospital.  We are told we need to exercise and eat right. So we do for a little while, but then it fades away.  Wedding, graduation, party, holiday get together, we work hard for a little while but we go back to our old habits.  See the resemblance? The key is consistency! To a proper relationship with God and your body is practicing and staying dedicated. It takes a LIFESTYLE change rather than setting a date till you don't have to workout, go to church, read your bible, or eat right.  Whatever is holding you back to get fit physically, mentally, and spiritually, I ask you to evaluate.  Where can you start and who can you take along with you? Encourage others along the way. Know you don't have to do it alone... And lastly, Know you are blessed.