Saturday, December 29, 2012

Importance of Goals!


When I finally got started on my weightloss journey 3 years ago it was because I set a goal.  My starting goal: to be Fit_Not_Skinny.  Growing up all through school I wanted to look like everyone else.  I would watch movies and look at magazines and hate myself for not being skinny like everyone else.  I just wanted to fit it.  However, after reaching 226 pounds and being at risks for diebetes and several other diseases that come with being obese, I decided to do something about it.  I refused to accept my thyroid disease as an excuse.  I stopped making excuses and commited to eat properly.  I had to practice self control and discipline, and it was DIFFICULT, but I did it!  How I got to where I am... FOLLOW THROUGH.  I had to stop sabotaging myself with my poor eating habits.  My goals outweighed the taste of flavor.

This week, I wanted to feature another individual who has come a very long way.  Read her story of weight loss as well as her accomplished goal to run a 5K Race every month for all of 2012.

Amy Meyer 2010
How much weight have you lost total?  It took 18 months to lose 136 pounds, December 31, 2011, I was at my lowest weight.  The past year has been a struggle with getting the maintenance balance correct, so I have gained some weight back.  Currently, I have lost 121 pounds, my goals is to get my weight back down to the low 150’s to maintain. 
What got you started on your journey to be fit?

Amy with her trainer Joe Humiston

Genesis trainer Joe Humiston would ask me about every few weeks when “I was going to start training with him” and I would just say “I don’t know”.  Then in June 2010, he sat me down and told me if I started training with him what results I could expect.  Personal training was one think that I hadn’t tried before, so I decided to give it a try.

What 'clicked' for you?  In June 2010, I was diagnosed with depression, feeling horrible, and had no energy, I weighed in at 286 pounds.  I need to change my life.  After talking with Joe, I felt I had to try something different, the path I was on wasn’t working.  I was really skeptical at the beginning, so I purchased 12 sessions (now I buy 48 at a time).  I fully committed myself to his nutrition advice and exercise plan, the weight just started to come off and it felt great.

What is your favorite "fit" activity?  Lifting weights is my favorite activity.  In the beginning, I hating going back with all the strong guys to the dumbbells, but now I love it.  You can see your body change and it is always challenging.

What was your goal when you first started your journey?  When I first started my goal was to weigh what I weighted in high school.  I knew what size of clothes I wore but not really what my actual weight was.  But I have surpassed that and I tried on my prom dress from sophomore year and it is now too big !!!

Why did you choose to do a 5K each month? Who decided that goal?  In 2011, I completed five 5K’s with my first being the Emma Creek 5K in April.  After, finishing you feel so great that you accomplished it and I just wanted to do more.  So in November 2011, I thought it would be awesome to do one a month for 2012.  Some months were hard to find one that was close by and fit into my schedule (In July, I ran a 5 mile race since I couldn’t find a 5K, they don’t plan to many in the hot months of Kansas), but I finished with 13 runs for 2012.

What did you learn from each run?  Each race had its own challenges.  Some races I felt great, some my legs were like jello, your body can go so much further then you mind, you just have to push yourself.  A couple races when I didn’t think I could go anymore, your body just takes over and before you know it there is the finish line.
Darren Sproles 5K
What is your 2013 goal? 
My goal for 2013 is to get back down to the low 150’s and to run a 5K in less than 30 minutes ! ! !

Why do you find it important to have a goal? 
Goals help you to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and you have a target to strive for.  They give you a measureable sense of accomplishment and you will learn and grow thought out the process.

I share Amy Meyer's story so that you will see the importance of goal setting and FOLLOWING THROUGH.  It's so easy to give up when times get tough and it isn't 'fun'.  However, look at Amy!  She accomplished a 5K every single month!  She didn't lose sight of her goal after she got started.  She dug deep and finished.  I encourage each of you to evaluate your 2012 and prepare for 2013.  Set a reasonable goal and ask someone to hold you accountable.  Don't give in and give up on yourself.  You are worth it!  Take care of you and your health that you've been blessed with.  Don't take your life for granted, live it, and enjoy it!

Had the opportunity to run the Frosty 5K with Amy in November!


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