Saturday, January 5, 2013

New Year, New Goals!

Similar to last week, I featured Amy Meyer who had lost 130 pounds all because she took time to set goals, but then followed through with them.

This week I wanted to feature Strawn Wilson, a personal trainer in North Carolina.  After speaking with him about the reasons behind goal setting, I thought everyone could benefit from hearing the reason and purpose behind what he does.  All of humanity is motivated by something.  It could be for a gold medal, money, recognition, and the list goes on.  But the most successful trainers are motivated deep within.  They have a PASSION for the people they invest in and they truly want to help.  This is why I wanted to feature Strawn.  His drive to succeed goes deeper than money.  He invests in them because his heart is rooted in Christ.  He loves his clientele and wants to see them healthy and happy.  He understands they have one life, one body, and desires to be the man who brings out their fullest potential.  His clients are his ministry.  God gives us all gifts and the way he is able to relate to them all is amazing!  Every single workout, is as if it were his last... He gives his very best.  Read learn more about him and the reason for setting goals!

Why are you a Personal Trainer?
>I've been into fitness since I was a kid. So, having the opportunity to help others become fit and healthy gives me joy.

What is Wilson's Training?
> The Ultimate Fitness Destination, that provides intense workouts and nutritional programs catered to each clients needs and abilities and goals.

What do you find the most rewarding in being a Personal Trainer?
>The highest reward of being a personal trainer is the moment my client understands and applies that this is a lifestyle change, not a hobby or resolution.

What do you do as a PT?
> As a PT, I create fitness/nutritional programs for clients and help them reach their desired fitness/wellness goals. I also lead Intense group Bootcamps.

What would you say is your specialty when it comes with training?
>My speciality when it comes to training is motivating my clients and getting them results!! When clients stick to the plan, they are guaranteed success. BODY BY STRAWN!!

As a personal trainer, do you or your clients set goals?
>Clients set their own goals, and I also set goals for them. Most clients in the beginning don't realize how strong their bodies are, after a few sessions, they raise their own bar.

Do you have your clients write out their goals?
>Yes, I have each client write down their goals. A vision to paper becomes SUCCESS!

Do you find it important to have goals?
>The goal set for each client is to be the best version of them they can be!!!!

What are your goals (motto) for your clients?
>Never Give Up "Can't Stop Won't Stop". Leave a Powerful, Inspirational, Fit Legacy.

Do you set goals for yourself?  What are your 2013 goals?
 >I am constantly thinking of ways to challenge and increase my fitness level.  2013 Goals.....Get my Pro-Card in NPC Physique. I'm getting ready for NC State Championships in April and USA Championships in Vegas in July!! Of course, taking Wilson's Training Brand to the next level.

Words of Wisdom:  At the end of the day everyone has their own journey and I believe we can do all things through Christ who strengths us. I love networking with trainers, coaches and who ever is in to fitness/health. Let's do this together and continue to grow a fit nation!

You can visit Strawn's webpage at:!home/mainPage
Also find him on Twitter and Instagram: @Strawn1979

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