Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Scale


Why is it that every time we jump on the scale, we hold are breath like we MIGHT be holding the million dollar lottery ticket?  Before we even step onto the scale, we think back through our week and remember the times we skipped the gym, the cheat foods we should have said no to, or begin to think about all the possible late night empty calories we had consumed. We step on to the scale and sometimes we jump right off disappointed, while other times we stand there and think, "How'd I lose weight with what I have consumed this past week?" Then we get excited thinking maybe we can keep doing what were doing and somehow those pounds will magically disappear.  However, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and months into years and we end up packing on a good gut with some saddle bags and arm flab and wonder where it came from.

So what do we do? We get a personal trainer! That first week we're excited for our new body! We can't wait for people to notice our hard work and pat us on the back and we'll do anything our trainer says. But half way through week two... we're sore, tired, and tired of being sore! We've ate a couple more salads than normal and when it comes time to step on the scale, we FEEL like it should say, "minus 40 lbs". But reality is, after a week or two, your down 1-2 pounds or better yet... UP 4 pounds! You say to yourself, UGH! FORGET THIS! All this soreness, feeling of hunger, tiredness and hard work for nothing! I've been there!


However, as a trainer, this is where I have to prove myself that I know what I'm doing. I try to help my clients understand my view.  You have asked for help, and are paying me to guide you in the right direction. I consider myself a health professional and frankly, I want you HEALTHY and losing weight. Sure, I could have you do endless hours of cardio, consume less calories, and you'd lose weight. HOWEVER, you wouldn't be HEALTHY. Most people would drop weight, but what about when you hit that plateau? The "Eat Less Calories, Burn More Calories" approach leaves men and women yo-yo-ing all their life! Where do you go after you meet your goal weight, but look in the mirror and still don't love your frame? There's no muscle there right?

My goal for all my clients is to start weight training, incorporate cardio in moderation, and ultimately understand the nutrients that are going into those calories they're consuming. To be healthy and lose weight, one cannot cut something completely out and be HEALTHY. Your body NEEDS fats, protein, and carbs. Even for people who say they don't eat ANY carbs... if your eating vegetables, your still consuming carbs! It truly does all come down to moderation. A balance in all we do is how we are able to find success. The scale isn't the ultimate bases for your self worth. I use a tape measure for all my clients. Sure, you can cheat your eating or your workouts, but the tape measure won't lie. It tells me if you really are gaining lean muscle. More muscle equals burning more fat at rest. No, it won't happen over night, but it's YOUR journey. So I encourage you to pick up the pieces you left when you last weighed yourself and commit to yourself that you'll stop quitting. Don't let the number on the scale determine WHO you are. Make the conscious effort to make this week be your best week.  Understand that the only person who fails, is one who stops trying. Make no excuses and get results!

Notice the difference in this woman's body transformation, but gain in weight.
Reason why the SCALE doesn't tell the whole story!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Team Physique

"If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got."

We all are born with gifts and talents. As children we grow up with passions for things like music, acting, athletics, and more.  Our passions for those interests grow as we mature and our talent matures.

For Anthony, athletics has always been apart of his life. He played football his entire childhood and even had the opportunity to play at Missouri State University. His passion for fitness has grown since his college graduation.  Anthony loves to compete. That's his nature. He's ventured out to experience every workout possible from the typical football workouts, to trying things like Insanity, and even a little Muay Thai. He loves it all! Now Anthony is a personal trainer and works with clients at all levels of fitness. He loves working with people and helping them realize their potential.

As for personal goals and achievements, this coming May, Anthony Sullivan will be stepping back on stage for the 6th time representing himself and his organization named Team Physique. He views his body as a work in progress, never satisfied. He competes in Men's Physique and is striving for his Pro Card. He explained that the hardest thing for anyone no matter what level of fitness they're at, is diet. He works with his clients by demonstrating and guiding them on revamping their diet. However, when you wrap your mind around your goal and staying determined, you will succeed.

And this is why Anthony has create the following YouTube channel: Anthony Team Physique:
He has started with his Intro, and just recently posted on diet. As he preps for the stage, Anthony will be sharing anything and everything fitness. From diet and nutrition, to workouts and fitness tips. Anthony invites you to check out and subscribe to his fitness channel.

Anthony's Fit Tip: When starting working out, don't try to do it all at once. Get a trainer, or partner to hold you accountable and start with small steps. Make realistic goals and don't give up after a week. One must stay dedicated and focused.

If you want to follow more of Anthony, check out his Instagram account: @FitBoyWichita


Sunday, February 2, 2014


A few weeks ago I had finished teaching spin when one of the women attending the class asked if I was going to lift after class. I told her I had got up early that morning so I could lift before spin. She was bummed. I laughed and asked her why. She informed me that she was going to follow me and watch me workout because she wants to gain that kind of strength. I asked her why she just wouldn't want to train with me. So she did. She meets with another trainer during the week, attends my cycling classes, and also trains with me once a week. Some days we do more shoulders, some days we emphasis all back, and other days it's all pushing. But the best thing is how excited she gets to train. Every week she is excited as she sees her arms transform and shape up. She is able to see her strength grow.

So this last week, I decided I would take her through one of my pull workouts and end with bicep burn outs on the cable machine. It's 'typically' one of the exercises you see all the men at the gym doing and rarely any women doing. As I demonstrated the exercise, her smile began to get bigger and was quickly from ear to ear. I informed her there are SO many ways one can work their biceps. This is only one exercise, but I love it because it's empowering to stand tall in the mirror and watch your bicep grow as the pump grows with each set. Her response, "ALRIGHT! Let's do this!" I couldn't help but to laugh from her excitement. She finished her first set and as I asked for feed back on how it felt incase we needed to make any corrections, she said, "This is why I really do LOVE training with you".

My client went on to explain that working out is about being healthy and fit, but also the feeling of empowerment one feels as you get stronger. There is something about dying to self, pushing through the burn, and finishing that last set/rep. So many times we give up before we start. Like my client, when we first started training she would say, "Oh, I can't do that" or "Are you sure you think I can do it". So many times it just took me reassuring her she had the strength and ability to do the exercise or push heavier weight. Every time she'd say, "WOW! I really just did that!" Of course you did that! It
was your mind that was holding you back. And that's why I love my job. I became a personal trainer to encourage, empower, and inspire others through my journey. I would have never gotten where I had been without someone challenging me to do one more, to bump up my weight, or go just a minute longer. WE are the ones that hold ourselves back from our real strength, ability, potential.

I challenge you to find that person who is going to push you. Whether it's at the gym, at work, eating, personally, financially, find someone who will be real with you and truly care about your growth. Find the person that makes you better. Find that person that doesn't let you quit when it gets tough. My clients know... I don't quit, and neither do they. I surround myself around people who make me better, and I challenge you to do the same. If your crowd around you or in your head are telling you that you cant, it's time to get a new crowd. Always be positive and progressive in your journey.