Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Team Physique

"If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got."

We all are born with gifts and talents. As children we grow up with passions for things like music, acting, athletics, and more.  Our passions for those interests grow as we mature and our talent matures.

For Anthony, athletics has always been apart of his life. He played football his entire childhood and even had the opportunity to play at Missouri State University. His passion for fitness has grown since his college graduation.  Anthony loves to compete. That's his nature. He's ventured out to experience every workout possible from the typical football workouts, to trying things like Insanity, and even a little Muay Thai. He loves it all! Now Anthony is a personal trainer and works with clients at all levels of fitness. He loves working with people and helping them realize their potential.

As for personal goals and achievements, this coming May, Anthony Sullivan will be stepping back on stage for the 6th time representing himself and his organization named Team Physique. He views his body as a work in progress, never satisfied. He competes in Men's Physique and is striving for his Pro Card. He explained that the hardest thing for anyone no matter what level of fitness they're at, is diet. He works with his clients by demonstrating and guiding them on revamping their diet. However, when you wrap your mind around your goal and staying determined, you will succeed.

And this is why Anthony has create the following YouTube channel: Anthony Team Physique:
He has started with his Intro, and just recently posted on diet. As he preps for the stage, Anthony will be sharing anything and everything fitness. From diet and nutrition, to workouts and fitness tips. Anthony invites you to check out and subscribe to his fitness channel.

Anthony's Fit Tip: When starting working out, don't try to do it all at once. Get a trainer, or partner to hold you accountable and start with small steps. Make realistic goals and don't give up after a week. One must stay dedicated and focused.

If you want to follow more of Anthony, check out his Instagram account: @FitBoyWichita


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