Sunday, July 28, 2013

Story of #Success "Doll-A-Tude" Style

I don't feature very many people on my blog because my purpose of my blog. My blog is called Success in Various Forms because as I began my journey toward being healthy, I realized I was being too hard on myself. I would look at each day as "not being good enough". I would fall asleep after laying there and ridiculing myself for not working hard enough, for not following my meal plan, for not getting up earlier to get an extra workout in, and the list goes on. But then God brought to my attention that by constantly reminding myself of how bad I was, I start looking at how far I had come. I realized I needed to turn my focus from constantly being negative, to being positive and encouraging. That's the reason for my blog, Twitter, and Instagram. Of course I fail, I'm not perfect, but my focus stays on God so that I can look at each days SUCCESSES & BLESSINGS.

I met Tenika Joyner via Twitter and Instagram. I love her attitude of encouragement and positivity. After leaning more about her I was greatly impressed. We share a similar story that I will let you read below. But the biggest thing I love about this chick is her passion for Christ and love for others. If your don't know her, read on and get to know her! May God be Honored and Glorified and others be encouraged, inspired, and empowered! 

Hello, I am Tenika Joyner, creator of the Doll~A~Tude Fit Life Brand. Fitness/health is my passion and helping others find their inner fit sexy beast is my purpose!! I was raised in a very health-conscious family. As a young child I participated in gymnastics, acrobatics, jazz, tap, and ballet. In high school I played volleyball and tennis. Going to college didn’t stop me, I attached myself to every intramural sport I could like beach and indoor volleyball, softball, flag football, and tennis. So a healthy lifestyle was never foreign to me.

My senior year of college and following graduation I became very inactive. The pressures of working long hours took over my life. Before I knew it my 5’5” frame had reached  360 pounds. While at this weight I suffered from asthma, many times going to the hospital 2 to 3 times per week to receive a breathing treatment and oxygen, let’s just say I had a relationship with the nurses and doctors. I didn’t have to go through triage, they saw me coming and knew what I needed. So sad!


I decided to move back to my home state of NC from TN. Leaving work one night in November, I had an asthma attack that almost took my life. This experience became my “Awakening Moment” to what I now call my “Inner Doll”. This experience changed my career path which lead to my creation the Doll~A~Tude Fit Life!!! Every woman has that inner Doll inside of her and my mission is to help every woman I can to find her and embrace her.

Q: Do you have a personal trainer?

A: Everyone says they have the best personal trainer, but my trainer is really the best. Strawn Wilson of Wilson’s Training in North Carolina helped me to get fit. He encourages and motivates me to push myself past physical boundaries, I have become limitless. I have now lost 192 pounds, and am reshaping my body to Lean, Sexy, Strong Curves…and this guy is the one that is helping me do it one rep at a time. He is now working with me on my next chapter: Getting STAGE READY and becoming a Fitness Model!!! NPC World here I come!


Q: Do you have an account ability partner?

A: Accountability Partners are so important during a fitness journey. You will have good days and bad days, you need that motivation and encouragement on both. My Dollz motivate me daily to be the best I can be. Daily I receive a text, email, or a word saying how I have inspired them and continuously inspire them I will NEVER let them down! Then I have ladies such as Alison Hager aka FitNOTskinny & Tanya Bunch aka Latin Diva by who are real women who are taking this industry by storm who hold me accountable daily sometimes not knowing it. My biz team also keeps me focused.


Q: What have you learned from training?

A: I have learned much from training, exercise, and eating right. Training and exercise is mind over matter, if I think I can do it, I simply will. Eating right is simple, nothing taste as good as being fit feels.


My Favorite Workouts: ZumbaBollywoodBellydance (instructor), Hula, and Stairmaster for Cardio. I love Leg Days and Killer Ab Sessions, and of course Squats, Squats, and more Squats!!!


My Favorite Healthy Meal: Hawaiian Shrimp Tacos w/ mango corn salsa!


Q: What have you gained from training?

A: I have gained much from loosing weight. I know who I am and what I want from life. I have gained a healthy, bright, and successful future. I haveTenika back and she is ready to share her brand with the nation, to help others gain their life back and start their fitness journey’s.


Q: Did you lose any friends with changing your lifestyle?

A: Some people are meant for a season, while others are meant for a lifetime. I did lose some friends, but I gained so much more.


Q: Did anyone believe you couldn’t do it?

A: Well of course, but that pushed me harder. Tell me I can’t and I will and I will excel at it greatly.


Do you have any FitTips: DON’T STOP!!!  Push through the sweat, tears, and pain. The sweat is sexy, the tears are passion, and the pain is well worth the results.


Q: What has been your mindset through your growth?

A: During my journey my mindset had to change. I am my worst critic. When I encounter a challenging workout I don’t give up or beat myself up, I mentally “Doll Up” and figure out a strategy to get the job done.


Favorite Workout Clothes: I Love Nike!! But my favorite workout gear is of course my up-coming brand Tastee, a division of DollATude Fit Life! During a workout I want to feel stylish, sexy while being comfortable. I am a fit curvy Doll, and my workout clothes have to appreciate that. I like to layer with bold prints and neutrals.


Favorite Color: PINK!!!!


My specialty is Healthy Meal Planning & Prepping. I am the FitGourmetTo Go!! I create custom meal and exercise plans, and for locals I prepare and deliver meals. I am a foodie, I love to challenge the taste buds by taking some of those traditionally bad foods and turning them into healthy eats, and I have become successful at it. My meal preparation and plans range in clientele: NPC physic competitors & body builders, those interested in weight-loss, and the client who doesn’t like to cook or needs guidance in cooking healthy.

I have recently started catering intimate events as well.

I would love to chat with you or help you reach your goals contact me:

Instagram: @DollATude_Fit_Life

Twitter: @TenikaJoyner

FacebookTenika Joyner (SugarFitness)


Sunday, July 21, 2013


What is a challenge?
When I looked up synonyms for the word I found:

interrogation, summons to contest, confrontation, dare, defiance, demanding, demur, objection, protest, provocation, test, threat, trial.

Nobody LOVES when challenges or trials come up in life, but when you've made it through, you look back and realize that it made you better. I can remember so many trials from having a hard time in school, to deaths in the family, to relationship problems, to jobs issues. All those challenges caused me to squirm because I hate confrontation. I hate when life gets tough and I have to dig deep. I hate trying to figure out problems and frankly, I just want everyone to be happy. But just like wood must be sanded with rough sand paper, so must I.

Philippians 3:13 says, "No, dear brother and sisters, I have not achieved it, but I focus on this one thing: forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus is calling us".

I've gotten to the point now in my life where I expect challenges. I love the quote, "Expect Problems, Eat them for breakfast" because it's true. It's how I see life. I'm not going to sit around and mope anymore. I'm going to make the best out of each and every situation. I'm going to look at how I can grow from the experience and honor God in the process of being shaped into the person He desires me to be.

And the same goes with being fit and healthy. When I first started working out and eating clean, it was uncomfortable. That's why weight loss is hard! It's challenging. But then you grow to enjoy the challenge because that's when you see progress! And so with that mentality, I decided to step outside my comfort zone once again and go train with a trainer in Wichita for the day.

I hadn't officially met Lacey before, but I had heard several individual speak highly of her. I felt like my training had gotten a little lax and I needed to kick up my intensity. So yes, I asked to get my butt kicked! I asked Lacey to train me this last Saturday. And as I sit here typing, I ponder how the heck I'm going to teach spin Monday night. I have muscles that are sore that I don't think I've ever felt! I won't lie, it was TOUGH! But as I was trying to finish each set and rep to the best of my ability with the best form, I kept telling myself that this butt kicking will make me better. And it has already! As I look at this next weeks worth of workouts, I realize I have some pushing of myself to do. I have to step outside my Comfort Zone. Nobody ever achieve greatness by staying in the lines. 

This last weeks success was about getting pushed. This coming week, it's about pushing myself at the same intensity. No Excuses, ONLY RESULTS.


Monday, July 1, 2013

Mirror Mirror

This last Saturday I decided it was finally time to face the challenge of finding a swimming suit. Something I have dreaded for several years. I was even a life guard for 7 years! But I always hated how I looked in a suit because I wanted to look like the other women who'd walk into the pool or around at the lake and have these bodies that men would drool over. I wanted a body that others were envious of. But instead, I had the body that was trapped in fat and a mind that was holding me back from my future.

As I walked into the swim department, my head hung lower and lower. I thought so many of the suits were adorable, but I kept telling myself I couldn't wear a suit. But then I just picked something up and hit the dressing room.

As I began trying suits on, I stared in the mirror kind of surprised. I remember the last time I tried suits on I told myself I would look better than last summer. And I had progressed! So what did I do? I pulled out my phone and took a "SELFIE". Then I went to a picture I had on my phone from last summer and began comparing my body to where I was last year. I was happy for a moment! But then as I stared at myself in the mirror I began telling myself ALL the imperfections I saw in the mirror. I have this bulge here, this roll here, I want this flatter, need some more muscle here. I put the suit back on the hanger and told myself to wait till next summer, yes, next summer will be my year for a suit! I walked out of the dressing room with my head hanging once again. Then it hit me. I heard God's voice loud and clear, "Even before He made the world, God loved us and chose us in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes. God decided in advance to adopt us into His own family by bringing us to Himself through Jesus Christ" (Ephesians 1:4-5) And in Proverbs 31 speaks of a wife with Nobel character. Granted, I'm not a wife, but I'm a woman of God. I'm Christ's daughter. Verse 29-31, "There are many virtuous & capable women in the world, but you surpass them all! Charm is deceptive, and beauty doesn't last; but a woman who fears The Lord will be greatly praised. Reward her for all she has done. Let her deeds publicly declaim her praise". 

HUMBLED! I stood there comparing myself to all these images of what I thought was beauty. I realized, it's time to take a step back. Beauty isn't whether I have a six-pack. Beauty is knowing I'm a forgiven sinner through Christ. We all are sinners and imperfect. But the ONE perfect thing... God & his love for me. I will never accomplish a perfect body, but what I was convicted of this last week was I need to put as much focus into my relationship with Christ as I do creating my body. I realize that my body was given to me by God, and that's why I need to take care of it! It's not because I want people to adore my body, that there is sinful! I must stop allowing the devil to bring my past up and define who I am. I am God's daughter and I AM LOVED! 

My goal this week is to continue to fall deeper in love with God. My self worth isn't based on how I look in a suit.  My worth comes from Christ and Christ alone!