Sunday, July 15, 2012

My MINDSET at 226lbs!

Personal Training has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve done to this day.  I learn so much about myself as well as my clients every single time we meet.

Just the other day I was taking one of my clients through a session when she told me about a conversation she had in the locker room.  One of the ladies who she was talking with was new to the gym and gathering her things to shower.  When she went to open her towel she said, “Who is this towel supposed to cover?!”  They both laughed and made light of the matter when another lady chimed in and said, “The gym gives complimentary towels that are small to remind us that we need to keep working out so we can fit into the towels!”  Another lady said, “Doesn’t the gym realize that fat people need bigger towels?”

Now if you knew my client, you would have been rolling with laughter.  Her sarcasm had me rolling with laughter and I had to contain myself as a professional!  But I think the real reason this story was so funny to me is because I could relate!  The old Alison at 226 lbs hated going to hotels, gyms, and pools and having to take my own towel.  I hated that I couldn’t even wrap an average size towel around myself.  Now you might think, that’s ridiculous, BUT it’s true!  These are the kind of struggles over weight people go through.  Clothing not fitting, towels not being big enough, not fitting into a chair or desk, not fitting into a booth…  I don’t say this because we need to start making things bigger for over weight people, but I say it because I can relate.  I used to be that person to make fun of myself and joke about it, when deep inside I hated myself.
My job as a trainer, yes, to help people get in shape.  But even more so, LOVE the people who have stopped loving themselves.  It breaks my heart to hear people at the gym say horrible things about themselves when working out that they wouldn’t even THINK to say to someone else.  It breaks my heart to see individuals who won’t look at their form in the mirror because they can’t stand to look at themselves.  They stopped caring for themselves for whatever reason and can’t believe how far they went in the wrong direction.

I’m here to make a statement.  STOP GIVING UP ON YOURSELF!  Take control of your life and stop making excuses of why and be driven to get healthy.  There is no easy out besides cleaning up your diet and working out.  You need to find someone to hold you accountable.  You need to start loving yourself enough to practice discipline.  You’re not going to die doing it.  You’re going to die if you don’t make the choice to DO something.  Humble yourself enough to ask for help, get help, and FOLLOW THROUGH!


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  1. Alison, you are truely an inspiration. I follow you on Twitter and look foward to your bits of advice, motivation and FOOD!! Spinich Salad looks amazing!!
    I am always amazed by your before and after photos.