Sunday, May 20, 2012

Gym & Church Two places that are misinterpreted... Scenario 1:  I recently invited an individual to my spin class and she said, "YEAH RIGHT! Maybe when I'm 20lbs lighter!". Rolling my eyes at her I said, "we could move those 20lbs along fast if you came to spin".  She laughed and changed subjects. Scenario 2:  I was talking with an individual about life in general.  They said they felt like since they were young and single, they would live wild now and then start going to church and living by rules when they got married and had children. Both situations are puzzling to me because both individuals missed the boat on why these two places exist in the first place.  There is no way I'm saying I have my life all figured out and never make poor choices, but in my opinion, neither of these statements are what the gym or church are all about! I personally view the two places as buildings where self evaluation and work begin.  Let us be real... None of us are perfect... We all have our weaknesses, but we also have our strengths.   I go to the gym to work out my body.  More specifically, work on losing my dreadful stomach fat!  There is ALWAYS something I can be doing to improve myself.  At church, lessons learned and much reflection as well.  Am I too prideful? Am I giving enough? Am I loving others?  BUT THE BOTTOM LINE... I go there to IMPROVE myself.  The people at both places are there working on THEM!  So many times we judge ourselves before anyone else even does.  I say this because I relate! I once said "I'd NEVER go to a gym because the people there are so judgemental... But the funny thing is, I ONCE said that about attending a church and becoming a Christian. Now, I view both places with the most amount of people with the greatest potential! I have to challenge you in your thinking.  Your mind is what will ALWAYS hold you back if you allow it to.  If you won't go to the gym, get a trainer, open your bible attend church, pray, ASK FOR HELP... You Aren't going to get anywhere! My biggest lessons have come through my struggle and I finally ASKED for help.   Challenge: stop being so prideful and humble yourself.  Lessons to be learned when you finally open yourself up to LEARNING over HAVING ALL THE ANSWERS. KNOW: you are not perfect!  I'm all about progression over perfection! Let's get after this week! BeBlessed A

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