Monday, May 28, 2012


Everyone has seen the posts on instagram, Facebook, and twitter that I'm embarking on a new journey... It's called personal training!  Some might say "figures", while others who knew me 10 years ago at 226lbs would think "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Alison Hager Is doing WHAT!?!?" MY PLAN vs GOD's PLAN: I graduated high school and went to a Christian liberal arts college to get a degree in education with the end results of wanting to be a missionary.  However, after doors closing and financially not being able to support myself I started teaching in my home town.  Lack of teaching positions available, I found a retail job.  I sought management and worked a couple hours at my gym, because I figured it'd be a good way to stay fit and earn some extra money.  A year later, I was ask to join staff as a full time personal trainer which i start tomorrow!  When this position was offered to me a couple weeks ago, I was ecstatic because I truly believe that God allowed all my challenges of illnesses, surgeries, family deaths, and closing doors to build character within me.  For the longest time I would say, "WHY ME" and my mom would say "God is preparing you for something, WAIT!"  And I have... I've gone through this process like the ugly duckling.  I was once the girl to be made fun of at school for being obese.  I was once the girl to gorge my feelings after school.  I was the girl to sit at home by myself because it was easier to do nothing.  But after chosing to do something for myself and say who cares what everyone else thinks or says... I lost 90lbs and gained MY LIFE!  It was the experience though it that built me!  I've learned that flakes come and go.  People will always have something to say.  But it's the consistency that gets results.  One cannot lose heart or focus. Workouts are more than sweating and losing weight.  Workouts are about gaining yourself.  About getting stronger mentally and emotionally.  About gaining a whole knew self respect for yourself and it takes discipline to do so.  I encourage you all no matter where you are in life... Remember: it's the struggle and challenge that makes the view at the mountain top breathless- embrace it! #BeBlessed A


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to hear where you journey takes you. Have you read Jeffery's book?