Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eat to live NOT Live to Eat!..

Take a look at your hand, and take a look at someone else's hand. Take a look at each others lines and curves and imprints... No two peoples are the exact same... I was thinking about this the last two days when I made a trip with two other trainers to listen to Mark Slavin speak on biomechanics of Strength Training. All three of us set off on our little drive with the plan to grab something to eat when we reached our destination. However, (I'm that dorky girl who plans out every meal and snack because I'm trying to get ride of my belly fat) I packed my lunch and so forth... I stopped at Subway for the fellas after we had reached our destination.  I ate my broccoli, chicken, almonds and protein shakes and when we went out to eat... Plain chicken salad.  Then, today for lunch, the guys desired to eat CiCi's pizza. I didn't want to be rude, but I flat out said no, let's go to Subway so I can get a salad.  They were nice about it, but questioned my mentality. I heard, "you do need carbs you know..." and I agree. BUT my response was no carbs. Then the one guy wanted to go into there are carbs in this and that and I stopped him.  I said NO GRAINS right now.  Really, I don't care what he thought at that point in time because the old me would have not wanted to argue and just say "your right" and indulge in a sandwich. BUT THIS IS A LESSON LEARNED... stop listening to everyone else! I graduated with a degree in elementary education and special education. In special education... There are so many children with a variety of disorders.  Special educators create IEP's (individual education plan) to set the students up for success. Not every child or plan is the same.  We work with each student to reach the end goal, whatever that may be. And that is how I see training others and myself... I have alway stored extra belly fat because of my thyroid disorder.  I have to be more strategic with my diet. I cut out grains and stick to a very basic and bland diet because I know it works! Some say, "that's boring! Your not living life!". I'm going to correct you... If your living for the next best taste of food, we have a problem. You should "eat to live, NOT "live to eat".  I don't disagree and say, "never eat grains"! I say for now and the goal of finding "MY" six pack, I'm sticking to my diet and exercise plan my trainer has set up with me.  I can't lose focus on what I hear from this person or that person... I have to stay focused and eat clean.  I challenge you to look at your goals. Are you following through with the plan to get to your end result!? No, YOUR PLAN may not look like person A, B, or C... BUT your also don't look like person A, B, or C. So stop looking around and achieve your own greatness!  BeBlessed

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  1. AWEsome blog post!! You are absolutely correct. Eating clean, like training, requires commitment. It's not an easy task, especially when you train hard (and I know that you do). Kudo's on sticking to the plan, and your long term goals!!

    Mad props!!