Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today as I was driving home from work I approached an intersection with a stop sign. I noticed a dad coaching his daughter along on her bike as the little brother was strapped into a seat on his own bike. They must have been out for an evening ride. I slowed down way before the stop sign because I wasn't sure how good the little girl was at stopping. I heard the dad yell at her to stop and she really wasn't slowing down. I stopped so the dad would know I saw his daughter. He yelled at her again to stop and I saw this look of panic on her face. She obviously hadn't been riding too long because her ability to stop was lacking... She pulled the jump off and let the bike go option. She landed in the grass (no I didn't hit her, I was stopped) but her reaction made me reflect back to going riding with my dad and brother while my mom made dinner... The little girl jumped up and looked right at her dad with fists clinched exclaiming, "I HATE THIS STUPID BIKE! I NEVER WANT TO DO THIS, I'M WALKING HOME!" I went ahead, waved at the dad and turned to continue home. However, my mind kept going... Two things about me... I will admit, I have more attitude and sarcastic remarks then one should. I also have ALWAYS had the mentality that "If I can't do it right the first time and be the best, I DON'T WANT TO DO IT". I can remember doing that very same thing do my dad when I wrecked my bike, I was so mad that I had ruined my little pink Pom Poms that hung from my handle bars, I threw my bike back down and left it for my dad to walk back. (Yes, I did get scolded for that! Haha!) Anyways that is something I have had to overcome as I got older... So many times in life we head down this journey thinking it's going to be a down hill journey. That there will be no hills, turns, or gravel. That it's going to be EASY! However, when we hit a bump and fall off, we get mad and clinch our fists and tell God he doesn't know what he's doing. But just like the dad was yelling at the young girl to slow down a block before the stop sign, she wasn't listening. The same goes for us... We have to lose our I KNOW everything attitude and listen. This is where I continue to practice. When it comes to training, I have to listen to others. If Im wanting a result but not getting anywhere, I better be changing something. Only a foolish person keeps doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! Listen and learn from others! We aren't meant to live this life alone. God places people in our lives to sometimes tell us to "slow down". Known this, my success this last week is taking time to reflect on my blessings, but also look at my future. What is important to me and what doors is He opening? What people is He placing in my life to grow and challenge me? I ask you the same question... Are you trying to do it alone... Allow to let others into your life. Ask for help, AND LISTEN! Stop clinching those fists and and yelling... Maybe He has something to say... BeBlessed

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