Monday, April 16, 2012


I always seem to have an experience where I'm blown away by something that someone thinks and then says...  I was at work the other day when a gentleman who is a member at my gym came in and was getting something small.  I made a short comment about always seeing him there and he nodded and smiled.  My coworker then joked about how she should workout more and then laughed. It's a little joke between us because everyone I work with knows my passion for hardcore workouts and eating clean.  However, while the two of us were laughing, he said "well your skinny... You don't HAVE to workout! People like "us" (Yes, he was INCLUDING ME) have to workout!". I literally wanted to grab the guy by the neck for including me in "his" standards of fitness...But even more for believing the idea that if you don't have a huge bulging muffin top... You don't NEED to workout. I hear people say to friends and family "well you don't have to workout, your skinny".  Yes! Exactly! You're skinny! Reality... there is NO DIFFERENCE between an obese person who eats terrible and a thin person who eats terrible.  The individuals are at the same amount of risk that goes along with being over weight.  The body is meant to move and fed well.  Every time we feed our body toxic sugars and large amounts of fat your harming your body.  Every time you chose to sit and do nothing instead of getting out and active, your harming your body.  What am I getting at...? No, you don't have to be a fitness model, but be conscious of your body and if your helping it or harming it.  I always think... I can invest the time NOW or I will be forced to invest later with doctors and medication. NO THANKS! I want to honor my body that God has blessed me with! So what are you doing!? Are your taking care of the body the Lord has given you or are you wearing it down? I challenge to take time to invest in your own well being. #BeBlessed A


  1. Nice post! I completely agree with you.

  2. Totally agree! I'm thinking of the term "skinny fat." Just because a person looks "skinny" on the outside doesn't mean their body fat ratio is in proportion or that the person is healthy. I'd rather be fit than skinny any day of the week! :)