Sunday, February 3, 2013

Use your SCARS as empowerment!

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.”
― Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses

This week I had a huge realization.  The realness of scars.  I had the opportunity to sit and talk with a woman about her weight issues just recently and she told me of the 9 different medications she was on, the 11 different surgeries she has had, and another coming up in a month.  I'm not sure if she didn't think I believed her about the surgeries, or if she just wanted to show me all of her scars, but each scar she showed me I also listened to a very in depth story.  That was fine, because I told her I wanted her to be as real as possible with me, leaving it all on the table so we could assess her and get her started on a plan of action for better health.
It occurred to me later in the day about how closely linked our scars are with our health.  Another client was telling me that she HATED to watch the Biggest Loser because it's "too emotional" for her and she just wanted to watch people workout and get their butt kicked.  I laughed but then thought about how weight loss and gain isn't just the physical pain of sweating.  It is very emotional!  Gaining, losing, or maintaining weight is a mental game.  Getting started in working out is mental.  Making the conscious decision to eat cleaner is mental.  EVERYTHING is mental!  I'm a living example of this.  Like I've said before, I've had numerous surgeries including two hips surgeries where the surgeon put a pin and screw in both of my hips because I had dislocated both of them.  The healing of each surgery was 2 months worth of being on crutches and in a wheel chair.  What else was I going to do besides sit and feel sorry for myself.  I ATE!  I ate because I "felt" bad about myself.  I ate because I was insecure.  I ate out of boredom.
Those scars led me down a path of becoming a 21 year old reaching 226 pounds, with hypothyroidism, and eating myself into becoming a diabetic.  It was my past scars that allowed me to make excuses why I could eat whatever I wanted and not workout.  I allowed my mindset of "I'm not worth it" to keep me from succeeding.  And this was why I was able to relate to this woman.  SHE IS WORTH IT!  And why I write these blogs, WE ARE WORTH IT!  We deserve to be healthy and feel good.  Yes, our days won't always go the way we want, but that's no reason to give up on ones self.  Don't allow your scars of physical, mental, verbal, or any other pain become a disease to your body.  Get your mind right, and start focusing on what you "CAN" do.  I pray for all of you and pray you see your worth.  I pray that all of you will use your past scars as empowerment.  Allow your scars to move you and make you better!
This weeks success is looking at my scars and giving myself every reason why I CAN, instead of why I CAN'T.

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