Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As Spring is right around the corner and chatter of races swarms the air, I can't help to think back to the first time I decided I wanted to get fit.

Let me take you back to my high school years.  I worked as a waitress and babysat for several families in my communities.  I saved up my money up to buy my very own treadmill from Sears.  We put it in our Living Room and my dad nagged me because it was a huge piece of equipment that he didn't want in our house if I wasn't going to use it.  I would do Tae-Bo or run on the treadmill after school when NO ONE was around.  I would lock the doors so no one could watch me run (or SLOG ... Slow Jog) and if someone came home, I would just stop.  I was so self conscious of my obesity that I didn't want anyone around to make fun of me!

Now I had totally forgot about this feeling until I jumped on the treadmill yesterday and began running.  I started my WARM UP at level 6 and increased up to my full sprint of 7 and kept my steady pace through the next 6 miles.  All the sudden, it struck me that when I FIRST started on my treadmill at home, my SLOG was at 4-4.5 and my goal was to run for just two minutes.  I would step on the treadmill and walk the majority of it!  My endurance was so low!  Man have I increased from there!

I tell this story because even though it isn't the start of a NEW  YEAR, that doesn't mean you can't START NOW!  I'm probably the number one person that doesn't listen to excuses.  Tough Love is SUCK IT UP AND DO IT!  Yes, it's hard, you'll sweat, you'll shed tears... But I've talked to NUMEROUS individuals who have a "POOR ME ATTITUDE"!  They aren't losing weight or making gains and the summer is fast approaching.  They want to look good in a shorts and a suit, but THEY AREN'T WILLING TO WORK FOR IT!  You can't have a body that you aren't working for!  NEWS FLASH! STOP MAKING EXCUSES of why you can eat whatever you want  and skip workouts.  It just doesn't work that way...  Face the facts and be honest with what your putting in your mouth.  If your putting bad into your body, you body will begin to look like what your putting in it... BAD!

You have got to watch the following video:

CLICK HERE--->> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDkUdidasHg&feature=related

Now I have to ask you again... How bad to you want it?  For me, I WANTED to be fit.  I STILL DO... So why do I get up at 4:30am to train?  Why do I workout numerous times in a day?  Why do I eat the way I do?  SELF CONTROL!  It's time for us to stop making excuses for ourselves and others.  Reality is reality.  I'm not going to lie to you.  If you want... You gotta go for it and stop holding back!  I did it, so can you... it's 85% mental so start telling yourself you CAN and have some FOLLOW THROUGH!

2012 RUN FOR MERCY IN KANSAS CITY!  Received this email: "I'm the Race Director for a  5k/10k race here in the suburban Kansas City area called the Run For Mercy 5k/10k. We are proud of the race - over 4,000 participants in the past 3 years. We're proud of our charity's cause: helping children that are infected & affected by the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Our charity is Oceans of Mercy.The race was my first-ever 5k 7 years ago, one of the biggest accomplishments of my adult life. Now, I have 3 half-marathons under my belt. Many have a misperception that you have to be incredibly fit to do a 5k and have a fear of coming in last. Well, we wanted to take care of that with two honorary positions for the 5k & 10k races - an inspiring person in the running community that could help those toward the back of the pack with encouraging words and a cheerful spirit. As a faith-based organization, I was inspired by the verse in the book of Matthew, "...and the last shall be the first and the first shall be the last." It's about someone putting others before themselves..."

Yes! I will be pulling in the back of the race!

I loved Gene's words, couldn't be anymore well stated!  So, check out the site and see if you can come out and support the cause and run for others and with me!  Lets do this!  Check out the site!   --> http://www.oceansofmercy.com/events/run-for-mercy/about-the-run.html



  1. Great post!!! Glad I stopped by. I love to hear this type of success story. Oddly enough you remind me of a character I created on my blog. Wow the reality is soo much better!!!!

  2. What an inspiring story! Thanks so much for sharing and motivating! I've fallen off the fitness wagon because of commuting, moving and grad school. I am motivated to get a routine down though and get back on the wagon. Thanks for giving me an emotional boost!