Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Character Building...

I've been reading a book for my job that I have found to have several important points. This one particular chapter I just finished focuses completely on Character. But... WHAT IS IT?!

Character can be summed up as: "What you do when no one is looking".

When it applies to your job, yes, you may do a great job at what you do when the boss is there... But what about when he isn't? Do you follow the same routines and actions when the boss is out of the office? Why not? Your character is tested in these moments BECAUSE your only fooling your boss, not your collauges.

Now let me ask you about your workouts AND EATING HABITS? I continue to hear the same sad lines,
"everyone is skinny and I'm not..."
"why can't I lose weight?"
"I workout, and gain weight!"
"I don't get results, so their isn't any point in workingout"
"what do I do to look like ...."
"I can't get up early..."
"I'm too tired after work..."
"But my friends were eating __________"
"But my friends were drinking ________"

THERE IS NO EXCUSE! EXCUSES HOLD YOU BACK! Your character is developed through digging deep within yourself and saying no to the cheetos, beer, pizza, doughnuts, candy, cake, soda, and the list goes on!
Doing your workouts and saying no to the foods that will get you the negative effects is your character building. Don't tell everyone your doing This, This, and That... but your really doing nothing. Your character of each workout will show as you continue to put effort into each action. We need to self evaluate our goals. Are all your EXCUSES more than your desire to better yourself?

If so, you'll fight through the temptations. A trainer is there to keep you on point. If your going to get a trainer and show up for your workouts but leave his or her gym and have no follow through the rest of the week, don't expect to meet your goals! Your setting yourself up for a disappointment.

What about your walk with God? Are you giving Him the same excuses? I'll be honest, I do at times! I'm very focused on ACTION. I work hard at what I do and give 100%. If I don't see results, I know it's time to change. However, God see's the bigger picture just like a trainer would in your workouts. He see's you fighting through. JUST LIKE YOUR TRAINER CAN'T DO THE WORKOUT FOR YOU to get the results... God has us pushing through some tough things so we can reach the top of the mountain and look down at the puddle of sweat and praise Him.

Whatever mountain your climbing (Character Building) this week, I encourage you to take one step closer. Dig deep and know that you are Blessed. Know that you are loved... Know that You Got This!


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