Friday, March 16, 2012

Progression IS Success!

I say this over and over, but it's because I really believe it....
A fit lifestyle is a process, not a destination!
I think back to the very first time I decided I was going to start eating clean, I had no idea what I was doing, but I used the resources I had to find out how.  I remember the doctor telling me if I wasn't careful with my eating habits, I could be diabetic by age 25 or 30.  That's when i just did a random search on google to see what a diabetic diet looks like.  I decided, I'll print off this diet and follow it.  For 3 months straight I followed the diet to a "t" and lost 35 pounds.  I stuck with it, and as I continued to read several fitness magazines, books, articles, and blogs, I continued to change my diet.  I found what foods my body responded to positively AND negatively.  I figured out a time to workout regularly and even met with a trainer to really keep me accountable.  90lbs down and still pushing, I have my eyes on a new goal.  

Since December I've been working with a trainer via email, twitter, text, and phone calls.  The guy has the best 12 pack I've ever seen! Literally! I'm envious! For someone who has been significantly over weight ALL OF MY ENTIRE life... A flat stomach is what I desire... However, reality is I can't attain my goal by doing 1000 crunches everyday. The secret is abs are made in the kitchen.  Daily I track my food consumption & meal times are planned.  Workouts are planned.  Everything is planned out because it keeps me from impulsively eating.

Knowledge is key for living a healthy life.  Just like you can't ask someone to go to work for you, you can't ask someone to chose a healthy lifestyle for you. You have to read up, do the research, seek the wisdom and guidance of others who have been there (and that might include getting a trainer who has devoted their life to fitness).

Bottom line, my eating right now... Not the most flamboyant and delicious meals, but they are meals to NOURISH my body and to keep my body in that fat burning mode.  For those of you who have maybe have hit a plateau... It could be time to take a look at your food consumption. Are you slacking anywhere?  For me, a year ago I probably wouldn't have been mentally ready for the diet, but like I mentioned before... It's progression.  I'm bettering myself and challenging myself daily.  Our mind is what holds us back.  If you tell yourself you can't do morning workouts, then you'll never get there.  If you tell yourself you have to have chocolate, pastries, that soda everyday... Your setting yourself up for failure.  I love the quote, "you can't keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome".  You can't keep doing nothing and expect to look like a fitness model over night.  Dig deep and put the work in.

Since I've started working with Preston, I've lost 2 inches in my stomach & gained lots of muscle.  I keep getting the question if I've lost weight... No! I'm just turning it into muscle.  Don't wait for others to start a fitness trend that takes less work.  Begin today, begin now, begin with your next meal or beverage. Eat Clean, Train Dirty (quote from my twitter fam) 


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