Sunday, June 9, 2013

For TB!

Remember this picture!? Nine months after I had started my fitness journey I sent my story to Nike to be apart of their "I am making myself _________" campaign.  Just a couple days later, received a message from Nike about being selected to be a feature Nike Spotlight.  The picture below is from that article they featured.

The following few weeks Nike continued to post amazing stories and pictures of successful and inspiring women living fit lifestyles.  One particular I connected with was Tina Brown. (The picture below is from when she was featured on Nike Spot Light!)  I read her story and her passion to be fit and healthy excited me! I wanted to be like her! As I stared at the computer, I debated about adding her as a friend... I didn't want to seem like a CREEPER, but I felt the urge to add her. She accepted and we posted words of encouragement back and forth. 

We continued to stay connected as we both got into Twitter & then Instagram. I'm drawn to this woman of faith because her attitude has never been one that's passive.  She's a go better! So when she messages me the other day about needing prayers, my heart sank! This strong beautiful woman shouldn't have to deal with this was my automatic thought.  However, I continued to read her words & I heard God say, "Watch a test become a TESTIMONY!". So as Tina prepares for surgery on Tuesday, I know God has her in His hands. He knows what He's doing. So please join me in prayer for my friend and her husband as well as 4 beautiful children!

Here is my interview with Tina!

Mother of 4, wife to Philly D (his nick name) MY BEST FRIEND

How old are you? 42

What do you do? I am the VP of Marketing and Customer Experience for a privately held logistics company based in Cherry Hill, NJ.  We have annual revenues over a billion dollars.  I love what I do professionally.  

Why is being fit and healthy important to you?  Being healthy and fit is everything to me.  It's always been my brand.  It defines me.  It always has.  I have a love of sports competition, athletics and a constant sense of adventure.  I believe that your body is a temple and God gave you this gift.  It's our responsibility to treat it as such.

When did you decide to get active?   I have always been active.  Since getting sick in January, the most difficult thing has been not being able to run, workout, play, coach, or do anything that typically defines me....or my brand.  I'm having to look further within to redefine myself and my perceived value. 

What motivates you?  It doesn't take much to motivate me.  I enjoy motivating others in fitness or professional goals.  I love being a mentor either officially or unofficially.

What's your mantra?  Do something you are passionate about every day.

What's your favorite activity? I really like training. mountain Biking, road biking, running, snowboarding, paragliding, kayaking, and I LOVE to hike in Colorado.  My favorite place in the world is Aspen Colorado and that is due to the playground God has provided for fitness and year round activity.

What's your current fitness/life goal(s)?

Right now with facing Chemo as a potential treatment plan, my goal is to become strong enough to get back to being able to exercise.  Even if only a little bit.  It's all relative.  So long as I improve each day I will be satisfied.

Have you faced any challenges or setbacks along your way?  Just this sickness:(

How has fitness changed you? Your family? Our family is know as an active family and all of the kids are all into sports and have a love and appreciation for the outdoors.  We workout together.  Many moms feel guilty because working out means taking time away from "something else"; either work or the kids or your husband, but when you can do it as a family it's at no one's expense and it's very bonding.  We do lots of family charity activities just yesterday my family ran the Muckfest mud run (in my honor since I was in the hospital)  I will send some pictures of Elijah and Dominic at the mud run under separate cover.  My oldest Teresa is an Eagles cheerleader and she was being shadowed by the Eagles television network during the mud run.

What does being a "fit mom" mean to you?  It means setting the right example for your children.  Actions speak louder than words.  They all know me as a strong woman and a fighter and they have each found that in themselves.

How has your faith played a role in your fitness experience and life?  I have a sense of peace that I am in God's hands through all of this.  Funny I'm not scared at all.  Just being patient and determined to get better.  What I have is not curable, but its treatable.  It's called Churg-Strauss and apparently 2 in a milion people get this.  This must be part of God's plan for me and I'm just waiting to see how he wants to use me.

Who's your role model?  I would say ultimately Jesus.  Here on earth I have lots of people I look up to but not one role model.

What's one thing you want everyone to know about you, your family, fitness, faith?

Be aggressive.  With everything you do.  Don't settle for excuses.  There will always be excuses.  You need to want to be fit more than you want to believe your excuses.  Live the life that you want your kids to see.  Be their role model through your actions, words and decisions.  And in everything make it fun!  Be inspired!

As Always, BeBlessed!

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