Sunday, June 23, 2013

Humbled Successes

When starting a new client, we first sit down and assess their goals and expectations. Expectations the client has of me, and what I expect out of them are written down. We do this so we can come back to them when they're not meeting their goals, or if they are meeting their goals, we set new goals.

As a trainer, this last week was amazing! Since January I've been teaching my clients and helping them to create or recreate better habits. Some had goals for the summer, some had event they were getting ready for, while others are still a work in progress towards all around health and fitness. While some trainers might want to be the next trainer on the Biggest Loser, have their own DVD workout program, or become that celebrity trainer (nothing wrong with that) 'My' ultimate goal as a trainer is to encourage, empower, and inspire others. And to be honest, there are hours, days, and weeks that go by where I wonder if I'm getting anywhere. There are days I feel like I'm preaching to my clients about creating better workout and eating habits and yet, it goes in one ear and out the other. However, this week I was blessed by several of my clients and their growth to push themselves.

For example, one client has gotten her certification in yoga, another ran the Dirty Girl Run, another PR'ed her 5K time, another faithfully followed her meal plan & is down in pounds & inches, another will be going back to school for an athletic scholarship, another came to the gym more than the 2 times we meet, another started running outside and so many more stories! But the bottom line is that all of these are successes in my eyes. No, none of them are perfect, but I look for PROGRESSION! I love seeing their effort as well as excitement to be fit and heathy as they see their hard work pay off and they get stronger mind, body, and soul.

HOW DOES ONE ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS? They step outside their comfort zone! So many times we look at our past and allow that to define us. We look at our job title, our financial status, relationship status, people who have hurt us or struggles that have broken us down. We go through life just trying to survive and this is where I see our problem lies. We settle! We accept ourselves and our situations as is. When I meet with clients we set goals, things they CAN achieve, but have beaten themselves up or have allowed others to beat them down that they don't know what they're capable. And my clients succeed when they DECIDE that it's important to THEM. YOU have to want to change your lifestyle or want to reach your goal as bad as you want to breath! 

And to confess, even I myself was humbled this week through the commitment lesson. I've done such a great job of staying dedicated to my fit/healthy lifestyle and helping others, that I've been slacking on my time with Christ. A lifestyle is a lifestyle and my first love is Christ. I realize this past week that I can't help others on their own journey if I feel like I'm struggling myself. I was reminded that even on the 7th day, God rested. As much of a superwoman as I want to be, I need rest. And I did!

Going into Monday, I'm rested and ready to achieve greatness. What about you? What part of your life do you need to reevaluate? Let's make the changes together and continue to grow. My goal is that you don't allow others or you hold yourself back from the Blessings God has for you.



  1. I love this post!! I agree about comfort zones, if you don't step outside of them you will never truly know what you are capable of doing. Thank you for helping me step outside my comfort zones!!

  2. What you have just posted right here is exactly why I'd love to be a fitness instructor! I can imagine there are times you deal with people who don't seem to be committing themselves 100%, but you get that in most jobs. But it would be so worth it for the people who make the positive changes and for you to see the results you helped in creating.