Sunday, December 15, 2013



The more I work one on one with individuals the less I'm able to forget where I've been. People will get frustrated with themselves and say to me, "I'm trying... don't give up on me!" My response, is NEVER! I see myself in their desire to be healthier. My grind now, is driven from never wanting to be like the old complacent Alison. But one thing that I'm finding more true is how deeply people want to resist change. I have to accept that some people don't want to see you or I succeed. It may not even be because they dislike you... but because they are unhappy with their self/life. And maybe it's not even you, but the fact that your new lifestyle change represents something they desire but aren't willing to commit to.

To give you an example from my end...
Couple weeks ago I had a family member inform me that he thought I was a social media douchebag. I honestly could have cared less because we each have 24 hours in the day and I chose to spend my day working, working out, and posting about my fitness journey on social media as inspiration and motivation to others. This person couldn't fathom why I would chose to do what I do. He thought I was vein for what I do and made that very clear. Many hurtful words were said that evening until I was over it and grabbed my things and left.

To be completely honest, I had tears all the way back home. BUT, I wasn't sad because I felt like he had a good point or because I wanted to give him the gratification of getting the best of me. I was upset by the fact that I've completely changed from the inside out. I used to be the person who didn't care or love herself, but through my transformation, I've become someone who honestly and truly loves myself. The change of my body actually represents the heart and mind change. My weight loss journey helped me to see myself the way God created me to be. And that's why I work with individuals that have the same struggle.  Weight loss, fitness, health, competing at any level is mind game. It's so easy to do what the flesh wants and desires, but self respect comes through self discipline. Thus the reason I share my journey.

For years I lived by no rules. Some days I'd wake up and eat Oreos and Milk for breakfast. Some nights I would eat 2 or 3 dinners just out of boredom. Other times I'd go out to eat and I could out eat any athletic team! My physical body showed my lack of self control. But what a healthy lifestyle respresents is discipline. I know eating 'A Cookie' won't harm me, but will I be able to stop after one? In my past I would get so sick of looking at myself I would literally starve myself for days, then I would eat like pig later because I would tell myself I would deserve it.  ALL SELF SABOTAGING!

Then what about the other element of OTHERS sabotaging you? I can remember NUMEROUS times where I would have a great week of workouts and eating. Then the weekend would come and friends or family would say lets go do this or that and eat this or that BECAUSE "you deserve it". I'm sorry, you and I aren't dogs so we shouldn't look at food as a reward. "Eat to Live, Not Live to Eat". I have always been held back in life because I've allowed my circumstances to control me. But my weight loss secret, gaining a backbone. I had to learn to say NO. Still I'm not the best at telling people NO when it comes to tasks, but I have learned to turn food down and make time for a good sweat. I don't have to eat whatever is set in front of me. I am in control.

Bottom line, your fitness goals and aspirations are exactly that-YOURS! One has to find a balance and that can be hard. Sadly, you might just lose some friends, but you might also gain some new ones. You might gain a support system or gym friend that is on the same journey as you. The idea is, if you have a goal, surround yourself with like minded and goal oriented people. And that's why I have my Twitter and Instagram account. I created them not only to share my story, but to follow others. I've found so much support and encouragement on my fitness journey through social media because I'm able to surround myself with like-minded and driven individuals. AND if that is the definition of being a "Social Douchebag"... I'll take it as a compliment.


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  1. I'm sure that same person calling you a social media douche would be the same person calling you out of shape and overweight. Your social douchebagness (New word) has helped me go to the gym when I didn't want to, get out of the chik fil a line (LITERALLY) and go to the gym for a protein shake instead! In the words of Rihanna people will talk whether you're doing bad or good - so keep doing good! I look to you and to others YOU have lead me to via IG/TWITTER when I'm having a Sabotage moment whether it be self inflicted or imposed by someone else ... you're the BEST social media douchebag a person could ask for! :-) Thank You!