Sunday, November 9, 2014


A couple weeks ago, a client of mine showed up to train and seemingly shy, said, "Oh hey, I bought a pair of them tight shorts you wear!"
Me: Oh Really? Where are they?
Her: I didn't wear them tonight because they are needing washed, but I think I really like them! They hold everything in when your working out!
Me: (((Laughing))) Well good for you! :)

When I 1st started to workout, I wore the BIGGEST hoodie and the BIGGEST pair of sweat pants I owned. I often would wear my hood up also because I didn't want anyone seeing "the fat girl" working out. I SWORE from top to bottom I'd NEVER wear them "skanky" shorts and yoga pants. I thought that any girl wearing that stuff at the gym was really just wanting attention.

BUT, here's a little lesson learned on my weight loss journey...
1. I realized I needed an ACTUAL sports bra that held everything in. That running and jumping around with a crappy bra is UNCOMFORTABLE.
2. I realized I needed some real underwear when training. Wedgies are NOT cool. When you have to adjust yourself after each burpee, it's time to make an investment in some new undergarments.
3. I realized wearing a hoodie to "train" was BLAZING hot. That came off REAL quickly!
4. I needed some real hair ties and head bands. Nothing is worse than when you have sweat in your eyes and hair in your mouth.
5. I needed a good pair of shoes. You can't wear your 1980's shoes and not have blisters. I've been there, get new shoes and get new shoes often.
6. If you look cute AFTER your workout, you didn't work hard enough... You workout to bust through plateaus and doing easy exercises doesn't get you anywhere!

And #7, wearing SPANDEX isn't a sin.
After a few training sessions of the above issues, I got smart and bought some material that was a little bit tighter, but I was able to move in it. I didn't die sweating to death because the workout material was breathable. So when I hear people tell me, "I wish I could wear them pants... my legs or butt are too big for that!" I get irritated. The mindset I had to get over was that I'm here to workout and have fun. And having fun at my workout means wearing something that I'm 100% comfortable in. If your fine in sweats, cool. Do what works for you. But if your a woman waiting to buy a slimmer fitting pair of pants but are waiting

because you don't weigh 130 pounds or because you have cellulite... I have news for you. Who the heck cares! Love yourself, have confidence, and work to be better than you were yesterday. I think that is why SPANDEX get a bad wrap... people who wear yoga pants have worked their tail off and they really don't care. They want to be comfortable and they want to kill their workout. They have confidence in who they are and what they're about. They're at the gym to be better and hats off to you!

Happy Training to all those working harder each day!


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