Sunday, January 15, 2017

Detours Happen

Imagine yourself filling your gas tank up and leaving your city to travel 1,000 plus miles. For example, me leaving Kansas and driving to California. It would be absurd of me to think I wouldn't need to stop one time or that I wouldn't hit any construction where I would have to take a detour. If you've traveled by plane, you also know that detours happen. It could be for weather or it maybe for plane maintenance, either way, we all have had to deal with a detour when it comes to traveling.

What about your journey of faith... What if one day you planned on doing my morning devotionals or attending church on Sunday morning and car wouldn't start, had a water leek, kid was sick, dog ran away, or an ice storm came through and it didn't happen that day. Does that mean that this whole walk with Christ is just over? That I have to start over next year when God forgives me or that I no longer believe in God? No! That's craziness!

So let me ask you a question, why do you think your fitness journey is going to be a cake walk? Why do you think that losing weight and getting healthy will take no work on your part and will have zero detours? Life in general is full of detours! It's about how you cope with each detour.

Few weeks ago I was talking to a couple of my clients and they were explaining to me how they were starting over "again" once the new year started. I'm not a cranky trainer by any means, but I looked at my two clients and said,

"What if you were consistent and stopped starting over every week?!"

The next day my one client messaged me asking for his workout and was going to start that day on making healthier choices instead of waiting for the new year.

Do you know how happy that made me? Not for me, but for him!

As a trainer I get frustrated with people who are constantly waiting for a good time to start exercising and working on their nutrition. Everyone has a reason why they can't start today...

Back to my analogy above. What if when you got low on gas while on your trip and had to pull off where you hadn't really anticipated? Would you just up and quit your trip? No, you'd pull over and get gas and get back to your trip right?! So why would you just quit working out and eating right if one day you slipped up and had 5 cookies when they weren't on the plan? WHO CARES! Next meal, is an opportunity to feed your body some nutrients.

I've preached this for forever, IT'S ABOUT WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Best advice I can offer someone is to stop throwing your hands up in the air and paralyzing yourself. Stop quitting on yourself and focus on being consistent. Consistent may look like tracking your water, making sure your attending your scheduled gym time, or going to a class you said you would. Practice DISCIPLINE and follow through. This is one thing you can be in charge of in a world that is crazy. You're worth it, believe in yourself enough to follow through! KNOW and ACCEPT it's going to take work. However, don't do it alone. Surround yourself with others your are going to encourage you on your fitness journey. Surround yourself with people who are going to
accept your humanity and love you anyways. Far from perfect, but continuously working on being better.


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