Tuesday, May 24, 2011

GymMembership vs. ChurchMembership

Discomfort… Not a word any of us really care for.
Uncomfortable… another, we don’t care for.
These two words come to mind for me in the last week. It applies to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as life in general.
I’d like to give you my latest scenario.  This last year I’ve substitute taught at a rural elementary school.  The school year ended, and I started my new job in retail with the Buckle. Going into it, I was scared. However, I packed up my things & took a chance. Two days in, glad I did!
Then… My gym membership… Those who have their workout patterns know what I’m talking about when I say you have everything at the gym marked.  You know the gym like the back of your hand because a lot tears and sweat have gone into that place. You know who uses what and when.  The down times to go. Who’ll be there and when. Who to stay away from and so forth. And walking in, I was scared.  Scared of where to go when I want to do weights or cardio.  Scared because my personal trainer wasn’t with me.  Suddenly I forgot how to even workout! Ha! I was scared that I didn’t know the proper gym etiquette.  EVEN more… I wanted to do group classes!
BUT which ones?
I decided to branch out & try my very first spinning class.  I had heard they were great! I arrived early and actually put time in on the treadmill before class to warm up.  I met an older lady who guided me in the correct direction. I asked if there were bikes that were ‘spoken’ for & she smiled and said no.  I climbed up on a bike and waited for the instructor.  As I sat their peddling, an older couple walked in and the one particular lady stopped dead in her tracks and stared at me.  I looked at her, turned away, looked back, and she was still staring at me.  I quickly said, “Is this your bike?” She said, “Well yes”! I volunteered to move and did so quickly.  I thought, wow, how rude. I was ready for some spinning! However, class got started, I cooled off (my temper anyways). Haha
Thinking back on it though, this thought occupied my mind…
 Gym membership is no different than a church membership.
  In churches, you have the same people who have been sitting in the same pew for 30 years.  They show up, put their time in, and leave.  They don’t do anything outside of the church to glorify God; they just come and put their time in.  So I ask; what are you getting out of being a member of Christ’s body?! Same goes for the gym… Are you showing up and just putting your face time in? Are you giving your full effort? Being a Christian and being Fit have huge parallels. 
You have to be UNCOMFORTABLE where it causes you to act.  You’re never going to accomplish your fitness goals if you don’t reach being UNCOMFORTABLE.  You have to Act.  Action meaning… you have to push through. It becomes easier once you do. 
Same for a Fit Christian life. You have to push through.  Times WILL be hard.  There will be tough days.  There will be days that you don’t feel like even getting out of bed. That you don’t want to deal with this person or that situation- but you do.  You do because you want to get stronger.  You want to push through.  And when you do, it actually gets easier. 
When I first ran a half mile, I thought I was going to die.  Now, I get to mile six and think- I got this.  Same in your life situations.  When you push through those struggles, later, they’ll become like a downhill peddle (because you’re stronger).
This week is a Success because I did something new.  I changed it up and rose to the challenge.  I had fun and continue to have fun.  I encourage you- rise to the challenge. Don’t let life (or a bad workout) get you down. Re-evaluate your goals and how you’ll achieve them.  Make a plan and be determined enough to follow through. You got this, hang in there.
>Lastly, encouage & help the *newbies at the gym... They'll be forever grateful :)


  1. Wow! Something I needed to hear, thank you.

  2. Life begines when you step outside of your comfort zone!!!
    If your still in your own defined box, that's not true living, it's repeating the same thing and barely scraping it through life. It's only when you step outisde of your comfort zone that learning and true personal growth happens.
    Each time you go outside of your comfort zone you get small wins; these small wins bring you quiet confidence and create a bag of tricks for you to draw from the next time you need to go out of your comfort zone. It's what truly defines you.
    LOVE THE TOPIC ALISON! Thanks for sahring!

  3. YOU GOT THIS!! Our Mantra! I am so proud of you for pushing thru the "burn" of fear & insecurity of start everything new. You are brave & courageous & absolutely lovable:) Love & Miss you dearly...can't wait to Zumba with you tonight!!

  4. Just found your blog (by a Twitter RT!)

    You really have accomplished a lot in your life! Keep up the good work! I'll follow you on Twitter, and will read your blog as well.