Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

If you know me directly, you know that I love music.  I always have my ipod, especially for my workouts.  I also, hate sitting in a car and is dead silent.  I have to have music.  I’ll admit, I’m not a huge Selena Gomez fan, however, I heard her song one day.  I tapped my toe to it, but as I listened to the words, I thought they were AMAZING!   I want to post a couple of her lines below and I’ll explain my reasoning following:
Who says you're not pretty,
Who says your not beautiful,
Who says?
Who says you're not star potential,
Who says you're not presidential,
Who says you can't be in movies,
Listen to me, listen to me,
Who says you don't past the test,
Who says you can't be the best.
Would you tell me who said that, who said?
These words really hit me.  Having struggled with my weight my whole life, I’ve always told myself that I wasn’t beautiful or pretty.  I believed that because I was fat, that no one would love me (even though my family told me they loved me every day).  I always would be the first one to make fun of myself because I was so overweight.  I viewed it as: “If I can make fun of myself first, no one else can”.
BUT, this is my struggle now.  Losing 90lbs in the last 2 years, I still see myself as the 'old me'.  When I go shopping, I still go to the plus sizes.  I always look for the extra larges in all clothing.  I automatically assume I can’t wear OR won’t look good in something because “I’m fat”.  I still tell myself “I can’t, I’m fat”.  However, this is not true.  I can!  I "can" run farther than a mile- I've done a 1/2 marathon! I’m not even considered “overweight”.  I’m right where someone my height and age should be at.  My goal now- toning my body. BUT, even more work needs to be done on the inside of me… This is why I like the question in this song.
The ANSWER is “I SAID”.  I SAID” I couldn’t do something because of my weight.  I LIMITED” myself by eating my feelings when I was sad.  “I’M” the one who has believed the lies I have told myself and I have done such a disservice to myself.  REALITY IS: I’m worth something! AND SO ARE YOU!
Genesis 1:1-26 I’m “made in God’s image”
John 3:16 “God gave up his one and only son to death on a cross” for me.
Life isn’t measured by how much we own or obtain.
Luke 12:11-21 
Walking into the gym every day and facing mirrors is still intimidating.  I still view myself as I had been the previous years.  I catch myself taking a double take in the mirror as well as looking at recent pictures and asking myself if it is really me?  I still have a very hard time taking a compliment when someone tells me I look pretty or that I’m small and petite.  These are words that hadn’t ever been used to describe ME. 
BOTTOM LINE: I’m learning treasure myself.  I encourage you to do the same.  You first have to have a sense of self-worth before you’re ever going to be able to push yourself on your weight loss journey.  Overweight or not, know that you are loved.  Know that you are beautiful & should exercise and eat clean because you owe it to your body. Only you can do this though... I encourage you, you are worth something.  I love you and so many others do too. We were given one body; let’s take care of it mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.
Your challenge and task: Know your worth
My week’s Success: Accepting the person looking back at me in the mirror.  It's a process~

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  1. Thank you for sharing! As someone who has lost some weight (around 60 pounds) I can compeltely relate to this. I always look at a pair of jeans and think they won't fit, etc. It is important to remember all of the hard work you have done and be proud! Accept the compliment with a smile because you are beautiful and petite and all those other amazing things people say about you!