Monday, June 6, 2011

Accountability & Training

Haven't we all done dumb things?  Looking back at this last week: I placed my protein shake in the freezer instead of the fridge. I went to the gym without my gym shoes. I left my protein bar in my car to melt it the scorching sun. All minor things, that I just had to laugh at myself for doing- something we all need to do more of (laugh)! 
But Sunday, was a great day for a mistake!
Since I moved, started my new job, and a new schedule... I haven't been running outdoors.  The majority of my training has been done in classes or on machines. I'm familiar with the city, but not confident.  I don't know my way around the town so I didn't want to venture down a road or trail not knowing where it led to.  I didn't have to work on Sunday so I decided to skip the gym and hit a trail my aunt had told me about.  I slept in till around 8am, ate a pear, drank a cup of water, and headed down the road a little before 9am.
I had intended the run to be about 4 miles, enough work on a 'rest' day.  The run went smooth, it was hot, but nice steady pace.  I reached mile 4 and thought, I better turn around.  I stretched my legs and headed back.  Still going strong, but at mile 6, I needed some water! The cup of water and pear wasn't holding me over for this run!
Ugh, fine... I'll walk it out I thought.  I walked maybe 2 minutes, when an older gentleman came up beside me.  My headphones where blaring a little bit of "Pretty Girl Rock" (lol) and I quickly popped them out.  He motioned for me to follow him and said, "C'mon"!  I picked up my pace and had a little spark to my step.  He introduced himself with his thick accent.  I had to listen very carefully.  He informed me he was from Brazil and had actually played soccer for a team there when he was much younger.  We chatted for the next mile and then he asked if I wanted to finished the last mile down by a bridge?!
(I know, never follow a crazy man!) BUT this guy was waaay legit.  He was an honest and wise man.  He told me about a past half marathon and I told him about my body transformation and training.  He told me he was going to Canada for some meetings and would be running a half marathon there in two weeks.  This training talk distracted me from how hot, tired, and sick I felt.  && I wasn't going to let this older man out run me either (just my mentality, I like to out perform! haha) Anyways, we finished the run and exchanged contact information.  I headed home and thought about what all had happened...
What HAD I learned?!  I set off on a run I wasn't prepared for.  I was ready to give up, and when I had, here came along a friend.  This happens in life too!  Sometimes we have more than we can handle. This is why it is so important for us to reach out to others for guidance, council, aide. 
>When it comes to living a healthy life style, we are all on this fitness journey together.  We need each other to push us, and help carry us through.  I won't lie, I'm not going do your workouts for you- ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT.  Only YOU can chose to EAT CLEAN.  But when it comes down to needing help, don't be afraid to ask!  I've had to ask my trainers and friends for advice and they challenge me. We have to push ourselves. My advice: KNOW that you CAN.  YOU have to FIGHT for yourself.  Take care of your body emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally. 
Remember this: To win any battle, you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do, it will always give up.
This weeks SuCCeSS: Taking time to LISTEN.
Your challenge: Find someone who encourages you to be your best*
Heaviest Weight 2 yrs ago

90lbs down with my friend and trainer Eva Shurts.  (My accountability) I have MANY others too!


  1. Looking buff girl!! Way to go, sounds like a great run with a wise man.

  2. Way to go Allison!!! Looking fantastic and I know the dedication, commitment, sweat and tears it takes!! Proud of you!!

    Shari Fitness

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