Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Priorities &Life

Before-->> at 226lbs-->> 2yrs ago!

After my online BCx workout!

5am workout! Why not?

Me in 'normal' clothing & 90lbs down :)

New Recipe Below!!
Honesty is key to my blogs.  I want to be real as I can with each of you and so I will let you in on a struggle of mine…  It’s called:
In all reality, we make time for what is most important to us.  We make time for friends and family that we treasure, and spend less time with those who we don’t care for.  It’s human nature!
So what has become important to me in the last couple years is fitness.  It’s all I read and think about.  And when I was living at home after graduation, I was able to focus completely on in.  I attended Eva Shurts’ personal training, Piloxing, TRX, Tighter Assets, Zumba, and went running.  Her and I lived and breathed fitness.  We were always bouncing ideas off of each other and thinking how we could get/create “a deeper burn”!
Now, with my recent move and job change, my schedule doesn’t allow so much time to work out during the day.  Or should I say, I sleep less!  If I know I have to be at work at 7:30 or 8:00am, I’ll drag myself out of bed at 4:45am to be at the gym by 5:15am for cycling class.  I will get off around 6 and go back to do weights.  I won’t lie, I’m exhausted and should sleep more- but as I said, you make time for what is really important to you.  And that is where my passion lies. 
I love challenging myself and pushing my body to a level of soreness it hasn’t been before!  It’s only in that push that my body will become stronger!  However, one thing I do have to accept is rest.  A healthy body is something that I desire, and a healthy body needs rest.  This last week I put in 4.5 hours of work in at the gym in one day.  The next day I was sore, worked a 9 hour day, and felt guilty for not working out.  I came home after working, and went running.  My body was dead and the run was crappy.  Why did I do that to myself?  The next day, I was even more tired and cranky! 
For myself, I need to find a balance.  I’ve become so excited about working out and pushing others that I’ve put my prayer time with God on hold as well.  He is the one who strengthens me for each workout.  So I know that when I begin to put my workouts before the Lord, I’ve messed up.  I took Sunday evening and Monday morning to study God’s word and it was amazing the strength and energy I had from the short time I took to rest in Him. 
I was back at it on Tuesday with Cycling class, Yoga, and BootCamp that I’m doing online with a personal trainer.  I’m pushing myself to new heights but not losing sight of the blessings I’ve received.
My Success this week: Reaching exhaustionà failure and learning to rest
Looking forward to this week: It’s my last week of my online BootCamp with Bonnie Pfiester.  I plan on finishing strong & completing each workout to my fullest potential.  On Tuesday I will be weighing and measuring myself.  The last time I did was right before I started my Online BootCamp program.  I’m excited to see my results! I will also be working on allowing my body to REST. 
YOUR Challenge: Push yourself, but don’t lose sight of reality.  Know what you’re capable of, but don’t underestimate yourself.  Tell yourself “You CAN & You Will”
***MY EGG Recipe:
As I mentioned last week, my diet has changed.  No grains or dairy.  I was informed that I should eat sauerkraut and I was kind of disgusted by the thought and taste, but I embraced it came up with this recipe!
Sauerkraut Scrambled Eggs!
Spray a small skillet with Olive Oil
Add ¼ - ½ C Sauerkraut in the skillet and cook for couple min on med heat
Add 4 beated eggs
Stir and cook until eggs are done
ENJOY w/ a cup of FLAX milk… I’ve moved from Almond milk and love the taste of FLAX milk!
It might sound bad, but b/c the sauerkraut is salted enough, you don’t have to add salt to your eggs!  Really simple!  Please give me your feedback on the recipe AFTER you try it! J


  1. I am definitely trying this recipe girl. I love sauerkraut and eggs. Is this more of a breakfast meal or a snack? Either way I am going to try this and tell you how it is.


  2. Str8fit. great way to find balance in your life. thats what str8fit is all about GOD+work+family+friends+healthy= a happy life str8fit. everyone must balance their life the right way. i find my self doing the same thing everyday. this week i took off from alot of intense workouts but i found my self being bored with life.. anyways good stuff Alison i love what your doing... and be fit str8fit its the next generation of fitness

  3. Finding balance is so so important, I think a lot of people forget that sometimes (including myself) we must do what makes us happy but also take care of ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. You have made such amazing progress, can not wait to find out the results of your boot camp!! Keep it up!!

  4. First of all, WOW!! You look amazing, girl!Secondly, this post was SO meant for me today. Priorities have been my biggest struggle as of late and everything you said rings so true to me. I recently started a new job and it has completely changed my schedule and as a result my habits. I'm working out A LOT less and can barely find the time/energy to blog as much as I want to, plus for me working out and eating well go hand in hand so when my workouts fall off, so does eating well and vice versa. And then there's also the putting my relationship with God on the backburner.To put it plainly, I am not feeling like myself at all lately and generally feel like crap because I'm not taking care of my mental, physical, or spiritual needs. You are so right, we make time for what we want to, but like you, in order to do that, sleep is usually what I sacrifice which is not good. I'm extremely passionate about health and fitness and just do not feel right or like myself when I'm not giving my body the workouts and healthy food it craves. Sorry for basically venting out my frustrations here, but your post has definitely inspired me to get my priorities in order. Pray for me that I'm able to find balance and get back to feeling like myself again. And thanks so much for your honesty. That's a goal I strive for on my blog as well. I think it's the posts when we admit our struggles that tend to help people more than any others. :)