Tuesday, July 5, 2011

BootCamp Results

BEFORE PHOTO: 6 Months ago

6 Months ago

Currently 7/5/2011

As many of you know, I took this last 28 days to go through Bonnie Pfiester’s DoBCx Boot Camp http://dobcx.com/.  Being at a new gym, I wasn’t really sure where to begin.  So many times when I’d show up at the gym after work, the many male lifters would stand and crowd around the weights.  I decided that I needed to have a plan when I walked into the gym so that I could maximize my efforts while there and Bonnie’s regimen can be done with little equipment.  I found a little upper room at my gym and that’s where I did my workouts.  *Hint, hint- to the AT HOME worker-outers ;)  I had taken my measurements a week before I started the workout regimen and promised myself I wouldn’t weight or measure until I had completed the 28 day workout cycle.
Here were my starting measurements:
Chest: 36”
Waist: 30 ¾”
Hips: 36 ¾”
Calf: 14”
Bicep: 11”
Thigh: 20 ¾”
BMI: 23.2
Weight: 141lbs
The workouts consisted of working different body parts such as lower body, upper body, cardio, lower body, upper body, core, and cardio and alternating days.  Every serious of 3-4 exercises included a cardio interval and was more like a circuit.  One lower body circuit looked like this:
20 alternating lunges/20 squats/ 10 burpess/ 1 min jumping jacks/ 20 alternating lunges/ 20 jumping jacks/ 10 burpees/ 1 min wall sits.  Do this 3 times through as quickly as possible and record time and then to the next circuit.
First week, yes, I was dying.  I usually didn’t mix weights with short cardio intervals.  And can I say… I HATE burpees with a passion, but I still did them! (Eva Shurts, you’d been proud)  My diet has been off the chart this last month too.  When I first started the boot camp, I was still running 4 miles a day or sprinting intervals.  I found yoga at my new gym and began incorporating that in 3-4 days a week.  I was working out 3-4 hours a day and found myself starving.  I decided to add more healthy calories to my diet.  Then those of you who have kept up with my previous blogs, know I visited with a nutritionist and reflexologist that took me off of dairy and grain.
My body went into shock, and I think I even went into shock!  I didn’t know what to eat or where to begin.  Dairy and grain has been a big part of my diet.  So around day 15, I started a new diet, but began to feel stronger.  I pushed through my workouts quicker, changed weight around, and forced myself to rest my sore muscles!  Bottom line, I challenged myself because it’s only through the challenge that I’m able to become stronger.  I won’t lie, my body loves grains.  Have a slipped up?  Sadly, I have.  But the point is, I didn’t give up & tried the next day.  I will continue to push forward and make small changes in my diet.  It’s only through my diet changes am I able to really get the results that I desire.
Chest: 34 1/2”
Waist: 31 1/2”
Hips: 36”
Calf: 14”
Bicep: 11 ¾”
Thigh: 19 ½”
BMI: 22.8
Weight: 146lbs
I took my BMI down a 1.4%, lost a total of 3 ½” inches, but gained 5lbs.  I’m happy with my BMI percentage going down; however, it really frustrates me that my waste and weight increased.  To get at the real heart of the problem, we all see OUR OWN faults in the mirror.  My stomach is my troubled area.  It always has been.  Thus, the reason why I do so much running and cardio.  The past 90lbs I’ve lost, has been because my mix of interval training and body resistance training.  My body responds well to the mix of the two. 
My Success:  I look back at this last month and can honestly say I have gave each work out my all.  No skipping and 100% heart.  I learned more about my body during this 28 days and I’m happy with that.  I know what to eat and how to eat.  I just need to train my mind and keep pushing forward.  I actually set my next long term goal and that is to run the London Marathon within the next 5 years.  (I have some saving up to do for sure)  I desire to take off my belly weight and eventually see the abs that I train so hard.  Not the overall success I wanted, BUT, I tried and YOU ONLY FAIL IF YOU DON’T TRY.
Your challenge this next week:  Take time to sit down and write out your goals.  It may be in fitness and health, but it could also be in your career, family, current relationship, or spiritual.  Whatever you desire, sit down and make a game plan to achieve.  Only by setting goals will you be able to rise to the challenge set before you.
Did away with milk, soy, & Almond milk... embracing Flax Milk! YUMM!


  1. Great post Alison!
    You did well great and I know how tough that workout program is.

    Not only did you take on the BCX challenge, but also having to take grains and dairy out of your diet.

    You, are a true champion. You also have connected with people who will cheer you on and who can also provide you with support and guidance.

    Well done my friend :)


  2. I have SOOOO been there!! I've trained hard, expected BIG results and then did my weigh-in and it wasn't where I thought it should be. At our gym, we have a special piece of equipment that measures body fat, muscle and water weight (and more cool stuff). This breaks it down much better. For instance, my sister just weighed in after only 3 weeks of BCx and she lost only 2 pounds on the scale - BUT she lost 6LBS of fat and gained 4 LBS of muscle. Boy, that was MUCH more encouraging to see than just looking at a measly 2LBS for all her efforts.

    Our weight can fluctuate anywhere from 4-6lbs in one day with water and food (bowels). If you did see changes in your inches, you may want to weigh yourself again over the next few days to get a solid mark just in case you are holding more water weight, etc.

    Another thing I would suggest is to make absolutely SURE you are taking in exactly the calories you think you are taking in. (I know you've been working hard on this already) When someone works as HARD as YOU, it is easy to be a little more mentally loose with their eating because the person feels they are working enough to work the weight off. Many times that EXTRA work makes people EXTRA hungry. I'd actually prefer for someone to work a little less and eat less. Remember it's ALL about calories in vs calorie out - period. Writing everything down is extremely helpful. My rule: If I don't know EXACTLY how many calories it is, don't eat it. - we work WAY too hard to blow calories burned on a mystery food.

    When we have someone who has worked as hard as you, we really crack down on the diet. We simplify food choices, meaning suggest using fewer ingredients in meal plans and sticking to foods we KNOW we can track accurately. I had a girl go on all pre-packaged food for one week and had her stick the same amount calories she said she was eating. She lost weight that week which only meant she likely was getting more calories than she thought but just not tracking them accurately.

    I have to admit, last year I took BCx for 8 WEEKS and my weight didn't change at ALL. The reason was I (even being an "expert") thought I could just work it off. Although I gained 5lbs of muscle and lost 5lbs of fat, I COULD have lost 10lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of muscle if I had been better with my diet. Shoot, I could have lost 15lbs of fat and gained 5lbs of muscle. There's no doubt my body was more fit, but I did exactly what I preach to others NOT to do. HA!

    Lastly, sometimes our body gets to a sticking point, where I body is resisting that last bit of weight. It is normally where a plateau is followed by a rapid drop. Don't be surprised, if you are doing your diet right and you feel there is no room for improvement, that you drop weight over the next few weeks. We see this often in the gym. It is especially common as someone gets closer to their goal. We even see it for figure and body building competitors in their final weeks of training. :)

    You are right - failing is not even trying. You are still a ROCKSTAR in my book. I am also glad you are sharing your experience online with others. Many people experience these same trials. BUT succeeding, is continuing to try to find ways to improve. Keep searching for ways to improve your diet. Your training is dead-on. You are training perfect! Training just can't compete with food. Remember, it's a LOT easier to eat 1,000 calories than it is to burn it. :) Keep on trucking girlfriend. God has big things in store for you and your dedication is inspiring and encouraging everyone around you.

    Your Trainer :)

  3. Alison,

    Spectacular! You have inspired me in many ways! Reading through your experience is pushing me to re-evaluate my personal goals! Great job and keep the Locomotive running...you're going to big places in life!

    ~ Sam

  4. One word... Inspiration! That's EXACTLY what you are. It's one thing to hear someone telling you "I work with someone who lost 80+ lbs. in the past year. They work hard. They look great..." which is great enough news and all, but then there's blog posts like this. You see the proof that it takes dedication, hardship and outside motivation / help to keep you moving toward a better you. You are proof that it is not easy, but the results are a prize in its own.



    Girl, you look fantastic. I have not doubt that each and every person you've shared your journey with (personally or via social media) are beyond proud of you. I am. KEEP IT UP! As I said at the start of this, you're an inspiration.


  5. Oustanding work, you're really killing it and the results show it! Stay motivated, true to yourself and you'll just keep exceeding what you set out for yourself. Keep going!

  6. You are and look amazing! :) Love reading your posts!

  7. A better strategy is to always mix it up and keep your body from getting applied to one kind of core workout. A straightforward strategy to mix it up would be to alter the order and number of reps or switching between a bosu ball along with a stability board for example.

  8. How are you calculating BMI? If your weight increased, your BMI would have increased as well. The equation for BMI is weight in kg divided by height in meters squared. If you post how tall you are I can tell you your true BMI. Your BMI would have only decreased if you somehow grew a lot taller during this perios - which since you are an adult, I doubt!