Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Success Story w/ Oxygen Magazine

With my recent Success Story in Oxygen magazine, I've had a lot of great fitness conversations.  Conversations consists of topics concerning eating, workouts, and supplements.  I want to answer some of those through my weight loss experience.  And I will always promise to give you my honest thoughts and opinions.

Question 1:  How did I do it?I changed my diet!  Here is the point with diet, you can't look at it as a short period of time where you can reach a number on the scale and go back to eating chips and salsa, candy, and sugary drinks.  That stuff harms your body!  My TOUGH LOVE:  You need to change your eating habits!  Get rid of the fried foods, processed foods, and sugary foods.  Beware of foods that make you 'think' they are a 'healthy' choice because they say "0 Trans fat", "0 grams of Fat", "No Sugar", and "Whole Grain".  READ THE LABEL!  Things like Wheat Thins really aren't any different than eating tortilla chips!  Look at how much sugar is added to your yogurt or "whole grain" granola.  So many of these things we think are 'healthy' and we don't see the results, and wonder why.  Things you eat need to be raw!  Carrots, tomatoes, avocados, cucumbers, squash, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, and more!  (Eat small amounts of potatoes and corn).  Don't exercise because of what you ate, but eat to nourish your muscles!  Your muscles need the nutrients!
Question 2: What do your workouts consist of?I'm just going to say it... If your getting on the treadmill or elliptical and going at the same pace for 40 min- hour, your doing nothing for yourself.  Your heart needs to go up and down!  Intervals, intervals, intervals... Or in Eva Shurts' classes: plyos!!!! haha!  Burpees, jump rope, running, Tabata... these are all great for getting your heart rate up.  My elliptical workout looks like this: 20 minutes total! 1st two min are warm up at level 5.  Minute 3, level 6. Minute 4, level 7.  Minute 5, level 8.  Minute 6, level 9. Minute 7, back to level 6. And repeat this process for 19 minutes.  The last minute, push yourself to level 10 and you shouldn't be able to talk during this time- It's all out!  Then take a few minutes to cool down.  This should get your heart rate up and going, as well as sweating!  This is also why I recommend getting in a spin class if you have access to one!  Whew! It killed me the first couple of times!

I also do a lot of body weight and suspension training.  I'm not a fan of machine weights, but more free weights.  I like toning each muscles and find that working upper body then lower body on separate days brings great results!  Remember to check out http://www.fitstudio.com/programs/bcx for your home workout!  I've done this and it was one of the best boot camps I've done!  Get a friend to do it with you!  I know Boonie will kick your booty, but it's shows great results if your eating correctly.  (Speaking from experience)  :)

Question 3:  What supplements do I take?Now I bet your thinking, answers 1 & 2 aren't quite what you wanted to hear and you just want me to get to the supplement- THE MAGIC PILL so you can skip the other steps right?!  WRONG!
-->>The MAGIC PILL is called 100% Heart & Dedication and it all starts in your mind!  I've literally taken EVERY diet pill and supplement their is to take!  Pills, shakes, bars, and cleanses- don't cut it!  I promise- there is NOTHING out there better than EATING CLEAN.  That is why I read Oxygen Magazine.  They have great eating tips and workout tips!  I highly recommend you to get a subscription, it'll help anyone who is just learning, or who is a fitness buff!  One thing I also appreciate about the magazine is none of the photos are photo-shopped!  They are 100% awesome women dedicated to fitness and clean eating!  Those are their bodies that they have worked hard for and they show that it CAN be done.  I've done it and continue to work on my fitness!  

*What do I take?  This year I switched to Complete Nutrition's VCore protein shake.  It's by far the best tasting, and best muscles builder I've personally found.  I love the company and what they stand behind.  I'm not endorsing Complete Nutrition by any means, I'm endorsing a protein substance.  I personally don't do a good job at getting the recommended amount of protein in each day, so adding a shake helps significantly, especially after a workout!  It'll help build muscle for sure.

My success:  Remembering fitness is a process and not get frustrated.  I have to remember, I didn't get out of shape over night and I'm not going to get back into shape with ONE workout and ONE clean meal! 
Your Challenge:  REMEMBER: Fitness is a process and it's not going to happen over night.  Set one long and short term goal and be determined enough to follow through.  I'm not giving up on you, so give yourself some credit!

Last thought: Fitness has no end date.  It's all about setting a goal, working to achieve, and setting a new goal.  We can't allow ourselves to become complacent.  We have to keep striving for success in mind, body, and soul.


  1. Kansas~You're a Rock Star! We'll have to chat~You and I someday about all of this!! You have done such an excellent job and I am so proud of you for continuing to positively influence the lives of others to change their habits and be start on their own journey to be a success story like you!

  2. OMG Beautiful! you ARE INSPIRATION AT ITS FINEST!!! <3 U!! XOXOXO =)Keep the motivation FLOWING!! <3 ACE_MOTIVATES