Thursday, August 4, 2011


6th Grade...

90lbs down...

Many of you who follow me on Twitter or facebook know that this last weekend, I attended the 'Body Training System's' Group Spin Certification.  Because I always speak honestly, I will admit how nervous I was.  Whoever played junior high or high school sports may be able to relate to this feeling of apprehension.  You don't know what the first day of practice will look like.  All you know is it will be ALL conditioning.  Basically, summed up, your coaches are secretly praying that they can make you throw up.  This is how I actually saw this weekend!  I knew we were going to be on the bike all weekend, and I wasn't looking forward to having a sore butt from the workouts.  I sucked up my feelings of doubt & got onto my bike with confidence.  I had a blast and so happy I took the plunge!
BUT... these feelings are the same feelings that flowed through my veins the first time I went to a gym.  The first time I met with a trainer.  The first Zumba class I went to.  The first TRX circuit I went through.  The first 1/2 marathon I did.  I thought, what if I die?  What if I throw up?  What if I can't do it?


Your TRYING aren't you?  Bottom line... WE can literally make an excuse for EVERYTHING that takes us outside of our comfort zone.  NEWS FLASH... your COMFORT ZONE obviously isn't working.  I love this quote: "You begin to live when you leave your comfort zone".  Living outside my comfort zone has become my new 'fun' zone.  I look at everything outside of my comfort zone as a challenge or risk.  I'm the individual that thrives on risks.  For some reason, if you tell me I can't do something, I SHOW you I can.  I have to prove to you that I can, and then some.  I look back at myself and think... 90 pounds... Really?!  Who would of thought me at 226 pounds would be getting certified in Group Ride?  I for sure never thought that.  It wasn't till I began to cherish my body and put food into that helped and not harmed.  It wasn't until I started to thrive on the soreness I would get after a killer leg workout.  Or the fact that I would kill my core and pray I felt the sore muscles when I rolled out of bed in the morning.  Yes! I still get sore!  The fittest of fit STILL get sore.  It means your doing somethingEMBRACE the SORENESS :)
So I have to ask you... What is holding you back?  In your career, workouts, weight loss, family, friends, and more...  Are you willing to shed some tears and sweat?  I won't lie, while training for my 1/2 marathon, when I couldn't get past 9 miles... I just I knelt to the ground and cried.  Sobbing for 15 minutes or so, I prayed that I would be able to get past mile 9 and finished by walking home disappointed in myself.  I didn't want to fail, and look like a loser.  I wanted to succeed.  It was then, in that very moment of break down, I found strength.  The next run, I pounded 11 miles into the pavement.  I don't know why or how, but I sucked it up and found success. 
Point: We can find as many excuses in life to hold us back from achieving greatness.  You're in control of your OUTCOME because it depends on your OUTLOOK.  How do you see things?  Do you view your challenges as negative ones, or do you look at it as a way to make you stronger?
My Success this last week: becoming a Group Ride Instructor and embracing my bike seat ;)
Your Challenge: take a good look at the obstacle that is holding you back.  If your wanting to achieve weight loss... it could be that bagel, soda, chips and salsa, candy bar, Gatorade (loaded with sugar) or it could be your own mindset... thinking your CAN'T.  I challenge you to know that you deserve the best.  That your taking action to take care of yourself and encourage others along the way.  YOU, are ultimately in charge of your OUTCOME.  Know you CAN and stop making excuses why you can'tMake a list of all the reasons you CAN.
This is a shirt I designed for my personal trainer Eva Shurts
It's the truest shirt I've ever worn!


  1. I love You Kansas! You are one of my all time favorite people that have ever graced the Planet. We must meet in person some day~ You are so inspirational. You are Beautiful Inside and out! You are such an awesome example of Dedication, Determination, Faith, Perseverance and Love. I am so happy for you in your Journey so far, and your achievements and the wonderful things you have accomplished... There will be big things for you in your bright future. God Bless you! You have Overcome so much and have such beauty and strength...I love your transformation! Nothing shy of miraculous. XoXo Your Friend, Gabriella

  2. All of this applies to me right now. I'm struggling to stay healthy with food and I undo all my work in the gym. Thank you for the kick up the butt!

  3. I have just found your log and want to comment on every single post! ha! Well done on your weight loss. You look amazing! Your blog is really inspirational and has given me a bit of a boost to up my game in the gym after hitting a plateau. Thanks! :)