Sunday, September 18, 2011

At Genesis Health Club after Group Ride... It's what we do!

Last week, as I was leaving the gym, I heard some ladies in the locker room chatting up a storm.  I walked by them, smiled, and said G’morning!  They greeted me and then wanted to know what I had just got done doing.  I was wringing wet, and one said I looked like I had just gotten out of a pool.  I laughed and informed them I had just finished teaching Group Ride.  “Oh, that’s the bicycling class isn’t it?”  I affirmed their answer and then asked them both how come they didn’t come… I mean they were both already at the gym at 5 am, why not join the class?!  They both laughed and said that they have weight they are trying to get off and they are dedicated to the treadmill every morning.  I said, well changed it up and watch those pounds melt away with a change in routine!  They said they’d think about it, but no sign of them coming yet…
However, I thought about this more a more as the days have gone by.  Personally, when I train, I’m always changing my workouts.  I try new plyometrics, weights, distant running, intervals, strength training, Zumba, Kettlebell, ab exercises, and more.  I’m always changing my workouts and hoping that I wake up sore… That I’ll be able to feel a deeper muscle the lower I squatted or harder I crunched.  But, I also know, not everyone is like this. 
Truth is, some people treat the gym like a morning routine.  Get up, shower, comb hair, brush teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast… and so forth.  EFFORTLESS!  Your personal morning routine might differ a little, but point is, there is no thinking to it!  You could do it sleeping! 
So my challenge for you to reconsider… Is your workout routine effortless?  Could you do it in your sleep without any drop of sweat?  Is your day effortless?  Are you just going through the motions to ‘get through’ the day.  I know from experience, it’s in the challenges that my character has been challenged.  But that is also where I grew the most.  It was through the toughest workouts, where I found my potential.  Sometimes, it’s meeting failure to see what improvements need to be made.
Here’s a thought I’d like to leave you with: Life begins, where your comfort zone ends.
No matter what you’re doing, are you challenging yourself?  Are you growing?  Are you moving forward?  If you’re not, take a step back and evaluate why?  What can you do differently?  Do you need to take a chance on walking out of your comfort zone… It might be the best move you’ve ever made?
As always, BeBlessed

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