Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Control Freak!

Alright, I’ll finally admit it, I’m a control freak!

This past week has been rough for me.  I didn’t think I had over trained, but as the week began on Monday, I had no energy.  We were releasing our new track for Group Ride on Monday evening and I needed to learn the track.  I practiced the track several times last week, as well as over the weekend.  I also worked over the weekend at the store and so when Monday rolled around… Whew… Exhausted!
However, I think what exhausted me the most was that I chose to weigh myself Monday morning. WHY THIS IS AN ISSUE ALL THE TIME… I don’t know! But I thought I needed to because my jeans were feeling tighter.  I wanted to make sure I wasn’t gaining weight!
Anyways, I weighed myself and I had gained 5lbs!  I freaked out.  Came home and took my measurements.  My stomach was the same, which is my main concern.  The more weight you carry in your stomach, the greater your health risks.  So where was this weight coming from?
Well… I added a whole inch to my calves.  I added a ½ inch muscle to my arms, but the most surprising… a whole 2 ½ inces gain of muscle for my butt!  NO WONDER my jeans were so dang tight!
So let me recap, since I started teaching Group Ride, I hadn’t taken my measurements.  Why hadn’t I thought my legs and butt would gain muscle?!  As much as I have come to learn, I thought with all the cardio, I wouldn’t add inches in those areas.
BUT, I was still hung up on the issue.  After expressing my concern to another trainer, I figured out where I had gone wrong.  I lacked a goal and vision of where I wanted to go in my next step of training.  Dangerously, I’ve been going through the motions of the gym, and haven’t had a focus.  My only focus has been a number on the scale and found myself greatly disappointed, even with gains of muscle which is what I desire.  It was just an unexpected surprise because the added muscle added to my overall body weight.
This brings me to my point in life.  WHERE IS OUR FOCUS?
Are you wondering around with no purpose?  If so, where are you headed with all that vision not packed away in your suitcase?  Just like in my training, I found myself frustrated and disappointed, you may find yourself there in life if you haven’t taken time to set goals. 
Successful people have a vision.  Successful people seek feedback and insight from others.  As my 24th birthday approaches this Friday, I’ve taken time to reflect.  I’ve reflected on where I’ve come from, but where I want to go.  I accept I can’t control everything and I need to relax! 
Prescribing myself a double dose of a Chill Pill daily.
This week’s success: understanding I didn’t fail, but I didn’t meet a goal because I hadn’t set one.  I encourage you to take time this week to look at your past, but don’t remain there.  Pick yourself up and embrace who God created to be.  Then move forward by first setting short and long term goals.  Ask yourself if they are attainable and reasonable.  Then share them with someone who can hold you accountable. 
Lastly, know that you are loved.  I appreciate you greatly, but know Christ never leaves your side.  No matter how many other individuals fail you out of their human nature, He will never.


  1. You know I love You, Kansas! And your Blog entry is insightful as always ;D

  2. Hey Alison! Good call on taking the measurements. And adding some lean mass is much better than adding the alternative!

    If you keep eating right, exercising as you do and stay POSITIVE you'll be just fine. No need for meds :P just call it Adam's Sanity Check. ;)

    Have yourself a great day!

  3. Great post! Teaching cycle classes will definitely add the junk to your trunk! And I find it makes me crave carbs like nobody's business! I'm still working on conquering that!