Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Standing Ovation


As many of you know or have heard, I was invited as Complete Nutrition’s Honorary guest to their 2nd Annual Company Award Ceremony.  I started using their products after I had read numerous articles and books about women not getting enough protein in their diet and decided I wanted to make sure I got on the right stuff for ‘my’ body.  I kept my eyes and ears open and accidently came across my friend Seth’s Facebook status that mentioned something about protein. 
After many times of conversing with him, we developed a plan for my half marathon training and what supplements would support my body and the training I was enduring.  My first blog written was actually about my success I had with my run and the supplements I had taken.  I finished the race in 2:04 hours, shaving 30 minutes off of my previous ½ marathon time exactly 5 year ago.
With all that said, Complete Nutrition invited me as their guest to meet the president and the many wonderful people who work for the company.  I was invited to be a part of a video shoot where I shared my success story and the video was shown as I was invited on the stage.  As my story played on the large screen and I was recognized for my success, everyone rose to their feet.  Standing ovation.  It was such a humbling experience.  I didn’t do it for the recognition that I had received. I did it wholly for accomplishing a goal I had set for myself. 
That is where I challenge you.  Have you set a goal for yourself or for others?  Do you desire to do something that is outside of your comfort zone?  If so, I encourage you to embrace your challenge.  Do it for you.  You owe it to yourself because only you can measure your own success.



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