Sunday, January 1, 2012

Are You Dedicated?!

Dedication... What is it?
The definition is to devote wholly and earnestly, as to some person or purpose.

Wholly... It's everything within you that lives that is totally devoted to one thing.  As this year begins, I have to give you my thoughts going into the new year.  This past year has been crazy for me in what I have accomplished.  Running a half marathon, continuing onward to lose weight (down 90lbs), Nike Woman's spotlight, featured several times for Complete Nutrition and honored at their even in October.  Lastly, I did something for myself as well as a way to give back by becoming a Group Ride instructor through Body Training Systems.  It's been an amazing year, but the word DEDICATED is the one that I have held onto and will sweep into 2012 with.

I wasn't able to accomplish anything without my mindset being dedicated to my goal for bettering myself.  As you look upon this new year, don't look at it as a shopping trip.  So many of us look at magazines and wish we looked and had this or that.  Instead, DO IT FOR YOU.  Chose to be healthy for you and your family.  Do it for those who care for you.  Back when I started on my journey, my biggest frustration was that I wanted QUICK & DRASTIC results.  I wanted to go to the gym once, eat 1 salad, look in the mirror and say "LOOK AT ME!"  Ehh WRONG!  Your health and fitness is a day to day, hour by hour process of setting your mind right.  You believe more of what you tell yourself than what others do, so start telling yourself you CAN and WILL.

For me, training is changing.  My goal used to be spend as much time doing cardio and burning 3,000 calories.  As Preston, a trainer I speak with frequently, has told me... Now with all my weight loss, I need to feed my body differently.  I'm adding more protein and veggies. 

BUT MY BIGGEST LESSON learned was when Preston said, "I need you to be as dedicated to your eating as you are your workouts".  It's true, I'll never skip a workout, but I will skip meals.  I have taken those words to heart and have taken more time to really plan and prepare my meals.  This only sets me up for success.
HOWEVER, I have to apply this to my walk with Christ.  I'm so able to get up at 4:30am for workouts, but I can't get up 30 minutes earlier to spend some time in prayer with God.  I give Him 5 min of time on my way to work or when an issue comes up.  Huge conviction to realize that I've put my fitness in front of the one who loves me the most.  I've taken a step back to realize that I'm nothing without the one who created me and I need to give Him more of my time in a day than what I've been giving Him.
Today... The New Year... I began at church.  I went to hear a message about how much I'm loved and it's just what I needed.  I'm starting my year with a healthy soul and that is to overflow into everything else I do.
Mistakes have been made, but I'm not held to that.  I'm moving forward into 2012 working on my relationship with Christ, my health, family, friends, coworkers, and you all.  Thank you for an awesome 2011, but HELLOOO 2012. 
Psss... Let's get this GirlsGoneStrong2012 Campaign going... Muscles Look GOOD on the ladies!  Wear em' like an accessory! ;)


  1. Really fantastic story! You have done so well! You look fit and strong! Congratulations. I will remember these words and apply them to my eating as well. I too have little trouble with workouts, but great trouble with food! Dedication it is! :)

  2. Awesome work sweetie ") Make the New Year the "BEST" fit year yet! You have Team Biscuit behind you to motivate you each step of the way! You have inspired me!

    Following u & your "Biggest" Fan!