Saturday, March 29, 2014

Gym Rats

Couple months back, when I was training one specific client, she informed me that she thought I needed to start a fitness group or accountability group where several clients get together and exchange favorite healthy recipes, talk about progressions, and discuss healthy tips and reads. I agreed with her, but in the back of my mind I was thinking WHEN? I couldn't think of a time I would even be available to get my busy clients together! I ponder this thought for a long while, until it dawned on me. The health club that I'm employed at were advertising the start of the spring fitness challenge. I needed to put a team together was my exact thought!

I texted 4 specific clients and more or less told them they should do this challenge. Not one told me no and via text, it was decided their team name was "FitNotSkinny". They all weighed in 6 weeks ago and I made sure they all knew what I was wanting from them. I wanted them to have an open mind to trying ALL the classes that were offered on their sheet and if they weren't already logging what they were eating, to begin that as well. Diet and exercise go hand in hand in fueling ones fitness. I could really care less about them doing the challenges where they have to visit specific restaurants or stores, my main concern was the ACTUAL fitness part of the challenge. I wanted them all to push themselves outside their comfort zones and be challenged. And I can honestly say, each of them found a class that our gym offers that they can attend weekly.

As a trainer, I don't want my clients dependent on me. I want to empower them and give them the tools they need to succeed. I want to be an encouragement, motivation,
inspiration, and that extra push to challenge for them. One found she liked Zumba, one found that Yoga was something she needs to incorporate within her week, another one found that a class she dreaded was the best place she needed to be to meet her goals, and lastly, one took the opportunity to get her husband involved in living a healthier life! They all accepted the challenges with a bit of hesitancy, but knocked each challenge out. Yes, there was a lot of sweat and sore muscles on top of sore muscles, but they ALL have put their best foot forward! I can truly say I'm proud of their hard work for leveling up and not letting a challenge hold them back.

Most importantly though, is the community built through this challenge. The four women on the FitNotSkinny team didn't know each other at all. I introduced them all to each other as they were
going and coming from the gym. However, they were able to get together on Saturday's for Boot Camp and workout together. There's something about sweating and feeling like your about to die that builds a community! That's also why I strongly believe in being involved in classes at a gym. You have to surround yourself with people who encourage your and desire to see you back every week. And with my busy schedule, this is why I make sure that I have at least one day within the week that I workout with my lifting partner. WORKING OUT IS JUST MORE FUN WHEN YOUR DOING IT WITH OTHERS! Sure, it's serious, but when you can relate to someone's fleshly pain and encourage each other, you grow in character. You don't give up, you push harder. And that's what I feel life is like. We are all on our own journey, but we have friends who come along side us to encourage us to say we can do this, let's
go another round.

I'm not sure where you are at in your life, whether your needing some encouragement or just a little
push, but reach out to others. Find a friend, a trainer, a support system that will encourage you on your journey. Needing help isn't something that is shameful, it takes courage to ask for help! You shouldn't have to go through another day, week, workout, trial, or life alone. It's my prayer your find the strength and encouragement that you need.


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