Saturday, March 22, 2014

Health Hero

I was asked the question the other day of  WHO inspires me? Who is my Health Hero? Names and people rushed through my head and I thought about it all week. Then on Friday, as I was training a newer client, he stopped what he was doing and said, "I heard you used to me like me?" I asked him what he meant. He waved his hands up and down his body, and said, "you know, like this!"

Ohhh, you mean unhealthy? Yes! He responded. "What made you want to do this for a career and help people like me?"

I kind of looked down at my feet, then back up at him and responded by informing him of how I had given up on myself a long time ago. That I used to think I was absolutely nothing because I was a "fat person". But my life changed when I realized that my worth wasn't based on my image. But that I was SOMEBODY and had a few habits that I needed to change. In the past, I always had bought into the infomercials and gimmicks people were selling. I never researched the products, but this time, I made up my mind. I was tired of the old Alison, tired of the excuses, and frankly, tired of being tired!

This is the reason I would have to say each of my clients serve as a Health Hero to me.  I see myself in each of them every day. I once was in their shoes.  I've been on my own personal journey where I've lost 90 pounds because I made the choice to get healthy. Nobody could do it for me. In the past I always tried to blend in and be like everyone else. I did what everyone else was doing, ate what everyone else was eating, and went where everyone else was going. But my true health success came when I blocked
everyone's thoughts and opinions about me out and started being ALISON. I had reached 230 pounds, depressed, high anxiety, removed gallbladder, hypothyroidism, pre-diabetic, two hip surgeries, hair falling out, and a very unhappy person. This is why I began researching health and fitness. I wanted to find out how I could beat obesity! I didn't want to live my life on pills and shots. I wanted to live my life, I was only 21! I had to do my research and find out what a healthy diet really looked like. I researched fitness, how can and should I lose weight appropriately? And lastly, I stopped focusing on the scale. I committed to a journey of following my meal plan and eating right. And that's where I saw the biggest change. I began breaking my food addictions and becoming a person that wasn't dependent on food as a crutch.

My journey has driven me to help others. I desire to serve as an encouragement to inspire, motivate, and empower others. So many times we beat ourselves up already before we even try. I'm here to help my clients and others to give them the push and support. I'm here to tell my story so others may know that they CAN be healthy. Healthy is a journey, it doesn't happen over night. But it's my goal to continue to surround myself around those who believe in me. My better me came when I let go of the past and the people and situations that held me back from flourishing into a better me. Whatever your allowing to hold you back from the life you truly desire, I ask you to let that go. Be your own hero, then influence someone else in a positive and healthy way!

If you want to know more and read more about Health Heros, please check out the American Recall Center where you can find some awesome information on. I found the following read on Hips and Hip Replacement very interesting -->>


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