Monday, August 25, 2014

Typical Amercia?

I saw this photo the other days as I was scrolling through my news feed. For a second I smirked inside because I thought that is true for many Americans. However, I continued scrolling and then I decided I wanted to take a closer look at the picture. I really don't care who posted it or shared the picture, but after looking at the picture it really irritated me. As I thought about it, I thought how much time has changed.

One morning while training one of my clients, we started discussing her diet and how several months back she had purchased the whole NutraSystem meals and how she felt it has personally helped her. She didn't have a ton of weight to lose by any means, but after losing about 20 pounds she is now maintaining a healthy weight for her. She is off NutraSystem now, but maintains her weight by continuing to practice the same things that the program taught her. She learned and practiced eating more protein, consuming more veggies, getting active EACH day for AT LEASY 30 minutes, and lastly it taught her to eat several small meals a day WITH portion control.

Years ago typical Americans lived or worked on farms and had to work for their food. Typically, the mother stayed home and made 3 main meals. I find stories of how things were 50-60 years ago quite interesting and I have to process what has been the game changer for so many people now days. So much research going on and proving that people are more unhealthy now than they ever have been. Number one reasoning being that it's true, we move less. We aren't farming, we're walking less, riding our bikes less, and sit in front of screens several hours a day. Our TYPICAL 3 meals have turned into 3 buffet meals from a restaurant from down the street and you're told to eat as much as possible to make sure your getting your moneys worth. Upon thinking about all the factors, I asked my client if retirement played a roll in it all as well. She explained that when you retire, sure you think you are or will work as hard as you were previously, but you don't. One gets lazy sleeping in, reading paper, coffee dates, vacations, baking, cooking, and or whatever and you let your health slip up.

It is my understanding, that you can make a VARIETY of reasons (AKA excuses) of why you don't have to get active or eat right. No matter what age your at. Everyone wants to put in off! I've heard it numerous times, "When my kids leave the house, I'll start working out again", "I just don't have time", "I deserve this cake because I had a bad day" Or "I'm just going to sit here and veg out all night because you don't know what my day was like!"

My response, no I don't, but your day shouldn't be the basis of whether or not your going to have a good attitude, eat right, exercise, or treat people kindly. WE are in charge of our day to day grind. We are in charge of our habits, and we can change the poor ones. Bottom line, WE ARE IN CHARGE. And I hate to think that America equals being "Over the Hill" and unhealthy. I think the change needs to be in our thinking, that being Barbie isn't ideal either. However, what I PERSONALLY feel IS IDEAL, is that you make the goal to be a better person when it comes to your mental, spiritual, emotional, bodily wellbeing. Constantly begin each day asking how can I be a better person and end your day answering that question.

I wish you all an awesome week, stay focused on your goals.


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