Friday, August 1, 2014

Who Me?

Couple weeks ago when the gym I work for released their new quarterly music for Group Kick (mixture of kickboxing), I fell in love. The music, moves, intensity, and energy is fun and motivating. Anyone at any fitness level can walk into the class, participate, and leave feeling like they might need to wring out their shirt.

But last week, I actually had the opportunity to sleep in. I slept in till the very last second and then had to hurry up and pack my gym bag, get dressed, and make a quick protein shake. I wanted to do kickboxing because I knew I would work a lot harder and I was just feeling like I needed a 'GOOD' intense cardio workout before lifting a little later.

The class had just started and was packed so I slipped in the back. I knew the warm up pretty well and as we kicked and punched our way through song two, I noticed two new ladies beside me. I figured they were new to the class, but not knew to fitness. Both of them (in my eyes) were quite fit. Sure they didn't know the routine super well, but they picked up fast. I moved in front of them for song three since we do a lot of moving and traveling on the floor. As we finished the forth song, one of the ladies pointed her finger from my bottom half to my upper half and said, "CLEARLY, you have this fitness thing figured out. Can you leave, your making the rest of us look bad!" I laughed and explained to her that I had taken the class several times and was getting the choreography down. She said, "NOOO, YOUR BODY THOUGH!!!" (Need I remind you this is a woman that 4 years ago I would have killed to have her body. Bikini PERFECT!) I laughed and awkwardly grabbed my shoulders and said, "ohhh, you mean muscle?!"
Her response, "yes, whatever your doing, your doing it well because your body looks amazing!"
I thanked her with doubt in my mind because I wondered if we were looking at the same person.

Her comments made me think though. I later went back into my pictures on my phone where I had initially lost my weight. I wasn't lifting nearly the weight I was then, mainly doing cardio. I was a tiny 134 lbs and looking back now, think I had reached a moment of a sickly "too small" trying to reach a specific number on the scale. Sure I'm bigger now after squatting, pressing, and pulling more weight, but we see ourselves bigger or smaller than what we really our. When I was 134 pounds I thought I needed to lose another 10 pounds. But now I know I needed to gain some muscle! It's a hard concept and balance to understand. This lady saw me as perfect, when I saw everything BUT perfect.

And that's where I encourage each of you. Set goals, share them with others, and encourage each other. . Surround yourself with like minded people who are working on being a better them with mind, body, and soul. Surround yourself with people who see you for you. Surround yourself with people who want to see you be better. This woman didn't know my journey, but her words definely encouraged me. I was encouraged by the fact that she saw muscles as a positive. I was encouraged by her words. Not because I'm conceded, but because she saw being beauty in fitness. Don't keep looking at the mirror and hoping for a change. Get after your change and challenge yourself. One of my friends always says, "If it doesn't CHALLENGE you, it doesn't CHANGE you".  Start challenging yourself to lift more, do more, eat healthier. Each day is a journey!

What are you waiting for? Today is your tomorrow, start now and start bettering yourself one activity and meal at a time.

Be Blessed

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