Sunday, December 31, 2017

Scale focused or HEALTH focused?

I feel like I keep having some of the same conversations over and over with people so I figure I would share just in case someone needs to hear this message.

Last week I met with a woman who began her personal fitness journey 6 weeks ago. This woman literally has been a selfless mother and wife for the last 20+ years and her health was catching up to her. But after 6 weeks of changing her lifestyle completely, she said, "But I've only lost 10 pounds".

I literally hate when people say this. Reason being is weight loss is a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. Sure other things play a factor, but too many times people focus 100% on the scale as the determining factor whether or not they're succeeding.

My response to this woman was,
"Focus on your habits and actions. The weight will take care of itself. Your children don't care if you're 160 pounds or 300 pounds. Your children, friends and family care that your are HEALTHY!"

I think in a world full of fad diets and weight loss products, we've lost the sight of health. We are so obsessed with a number on the scale that we forget what healthy means. We're over here indulging and trying to find the foods with the least amount of calories and forgetting that when this world was first created basic things like fruits and vegetables were IMPORTANT. And guess what?! THEY STILL ARE!

I've had quite the journey myself, and to be honest and reflect on my last 7 years I have to say each had it's own challenges. Not because being healthy is hard, but because being healthy MENTALLY is a struggle. I have allowed the thief of comparison steal my joy. I've allowed thoughts of not being "skinny" enough hold me back. I've told myself I don't deserve to be happy because I'm not this certain size. And that I will never find love because I don't look a certain way. I've literally said some pretty crappy things to myself that I would NEVER say to someone else. However, this last year, I think I can say I found myself. I've found contentment in the fact that I don't have to compete in the bodybuilding world to have value. I thought as a trainer that's what I had to do to prove that I was a good trainer and Coach. I found that I can be an educator and a cheerleader for those that I work with.  I realized that because of my journey, I can educate people. I can teach people what HEALTHY really is and show them how Whole Foods can begin healing us from the inside out!

Truth is, I've struggled more than I should because of my own damn thoughts in my head. My thoughts of not being good enough or thin enough or small enough... BUT I'm calling BS.
Happiness isn't found on the scale or a certain pant size. Happiness is understanding our bodies are the only ones WE have to LIVE in for all of OUR lives. Happiness is not taking my health for granted. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is understanding you are not a victim and that you have a choice to be a better version of yourself. Nobody can or will do it for you. If you desire to be HEALTHY, realize it's progress and not perfection. If you're seeking PERFECTION on your fitness journey, you're going to find yourself deeply disappointed.

So as 2017 comes to a close, I challenge you to get plugged in. Stop believing the diet myths and crap your fed by the media. Know the WHY. Understand the REASON your bodies need fed well. BE your own advocate. Don't feel bad or let others make you feel bad for being healthy. The confusion with diet fads creates a profit of margin. Get educated and learn how to be healthy and learn to love yourself in your own skin.

YOU ARE SO UNBELIEVABLY WORTH it. You will not get it 100% correct every time. Yes, it does take work. But know you're not alone. Find and surround yourself with those who support you on your health journey.

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