Saturday, April 9, 2011

“Feelings” & “Feels Like”

To be honest, who feels like doing anything?!  Certainly, sometimes I ‘feel’ like just doing nothing but worrying about me.  Who cares about anyone else!?  How about when it comes to exercise?  More importantly, eating right?  I look back at this last week and have been frustrated with working out.  I’ve been physically exhausted.  I worked out hard the week before and felt great, but not resting over the weekend brought about a sad week of training.  My eating habits, the same, but found myself cheating more often than not.  My attitude and energy was lacking.  Even my trainer noticed I wasn’t myself. 
I then find myself thinking, I don’t ‘feel’ like doing this.  And so I’m not going to.  (And this week, I actually tried to skip a Thursday Power Burn class with Eva Shurts)  That’s why when our ‘feelings’ play such a huge role in our lives, I think it’s important to have someone keeping us accountable.  Someone who is going to tell you the truth!  It takes my trainer telling me to “kick it up the last 20 second on the TRX”, or “just a couple more jump squats and your there!”  Ugh!  Doing this entire workout stuff is difficult when I’m not tired, so when I’m exhausted already- my attitude can really plummet. 
But, ‘feelings’ only go so far.  We have to PUSH PAST our ‘feelings’ and remember what is reality.  Reality is “WHY”.  Why am I pushing myself in the gym?  Why am I choosing to eat right?  Why am I choosing to get up and go to work or classes?  Why are you doing the laundry?  Why are you making dinner?  Why are you cleaning the kitchen for the 1,000 time today (when no one has bothered to say thank you?!)  Why are YOU doing what you do?  ‘Feelings’ will always come and go.  One minute we’re happy, the next- upset!  But the key to remember is not to let our feelings run our daily lives.  Which is why my blog is about success in various forms…
This week wasn’t like last week where I can give you a list of all the tasks I accomplished.  But it’s an accomplishment because I PUSHED ‘through’ the week.  This last week wasn’t a success in making huge gains, but I did SOMETHING.  When it comes to getting fit, we train and make good eating choices, but then something comes up…  In our walk with God, we are adamant about following Him, but then something comes up.  We get busy, and quickly slip away from Him.  We fall off or have a falling out.  That’s life!  But the key to success is not to check out and think, “Oh well, I’m done” and stop trying.  My advice, start making the right choice the very next moment. 
Success= Not basing your daily actions on FEELINGS.
Lastly, I want to give a shout out to the many moms on their fitness journey (this includes women who don’t have their own ‘biological’ children, but play a huge role in another individual’s life).  I’m inspired by you because you perform the various tasks of being mother, maid, wife, taxi, counselor, nurse, cook, and so much more!  A couple weeks ago I was giving a mom crap for missing a workout class, she was quick to inform me that she was at her children’s athletic event and she “will never miss one of those”.  Props to her!  I’m sure she doesn’t always ‘feel’ like doing what she does.  Doesn’t ‘feel’ like driving to another event, but she loves her family and does it unselfishly.  Love moves people into action.  So when it comes to you, working out, and eating right.  Love yourself.

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