Sunday, April 17, 2011

Success and Eating

As the days tick by and my race gets closer, I continue to fine tune my diet a little more.  I want everything that I put into my body to be ‘positive’ fuel.  However, that is always easier said than done. 
I’d like to give you a little scenario from this past week.  I was at work and headed down the hallway to the teachers’ lounge.  I drink green tea every morning and I just needed some hot water.  As I opened the door, AHHH!!! A gift from the principal, 6 boxes of assorted donuts.  Everyone knows that when watching what you eat, donuts are a huge ‘no’ ‘no’.  I should have turned right around, but I didn’t.  I thought to myself, I should just be nice and take one.  The other part of me thought, “How bad do you want it?”  Is that donut worth another hour of cardio?  Is that donut worth the guilt I’ll feel later?  Is that donut worth the torcher I’d have with my trainer later on?  I hurried up to get my water and bolted down the hallway.  Phew!  I made it!
Some of you struggling with weight might be able to relate to the work room scenario.  This brings me to my point on diet.  Since losing 86lbs, I get more and more people asking me what I’m doing.  I think when the question is asked, people are hopeful that it has nothing to do with what we consume.  Many of us are wishful that there is a magic pill to take, and we get to watch the weight melt away.  However, that’s not the case.  Losing weight, getting fit, and getting healthy starts with what you put in your mouth.  You can exercise till you pass out, but if you’re not going to watch what you eat, you’re going to fail. 
I’d like to show you a breakdown of what I eat in a day.  The answer to your question, yes, I eat the same thing almost every single day.  WHY? Consistency.  If you’re eating new and crazy things all the time, that’s what your body is going to want.  No, I’m not starving myself either.
6:30 am Breakfast: ½ C egg white omelet /1 orange/ ½ C Almond Milk
10:00 am Snack: 4 oz Greek Yogurt and banana
1:00 pm Lunch: Select Harvest ‘broth’ Soup OR Chicken Salad w/ salsa for dressing (no croutons or cheese)
4:00 pm Snack: 1C Kashi cereal & apple
6:00 pm Whey Protein Shake w/ steamed broccoli
9:00 pm Snack ½ C. Cottage Cheese & Pear
I won’t lie to you; I have cravings for the salty and crunchy.  I get the cravings for chocolate.  I get the cravings for something sweet.  But don’t fall to the temptation.  I honestly add it all up in my head.  For example: The donut=250 calories.  It takes me about 20 min to burn 200+ calories on the elliptical.  So if I just do 20 min, I’ll only be breaking even.  Is it worth the extra?  Usually not.  For me, I’ll admit, my biggest problem is my belly.  I hold my weight in my belly.  I’ve read several articles from Oxygen magazine and they will preach- sugars go to the stomach.  So for me, I reduce the refined sugars as much as possible.  I try to reduce the carbs as much as possible and eat fresh fruits and veggies.
Lastly, learn how to deal with your cravings.  When I think I NEED something sweet.  I’ll drink a 10 Calorie Fuse drink.  I buy 0 cal candy to suck on.  I go through A LOT of sugar free gum.  I eat Craisins and Raisins to fill my sweet tooth.  When it comes to the chocolate cravings… there are cocoa almonds that are delicious.  I also keep Tridents Chocolate Mint gum in my purse.  It might sound weird, but it’s good.  There are other ways to fill the craving.  My last point and biggest point is to drink water.  When you think you’ve had enough, drink some more.  Use a Propel packet in the afternoon to reward yourself as a little sweet low calorie drink.  But have some will power.  You don’t NEED the donut.
So my success for this week: passing up the donut.   What’s yours?


  1. Way to go Alison!! I know as a Fitness Instructor & Trainer people tend to think I don't battle with cravings or over-indulging over the weekend. Having JUST come off one of those weekends I am dealing with the guilt & "why the hell did I do that?!" mentality. My response?? On the treadmill first thing this morning to try to reverse my mood & bodily harm. Then off to torture those who pay me to kick their butts. They pay because I failed:) Makes sense right? Andrea, Darci, Judy....I'm sorry. NOT!! I still have 4 people left to train, Tighter Assets AND TRX class to go. I ought to feel GREAT by bedtime! My point is when you fall don't sit & wallow in the guilt. Start fresh, do something good for your body & be proud of your accomplishments. As always...One day at a Time. Love you Miss Alison!!! See you at class!!

  2. Oh Alison, I wish I had your willpower. I am so proud of you. And I can honestly say you have been a big help to me. Getting me to excercise more and taking time to run with me, encouraging me to try harder. Keep up all your hard work and hopefully it will keep rubbing off on me:) Thankyou for sharing your story.